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The letters CFA beside the name of an investment adviser or money manager are the hallmark of a true professional. They stand for Chartered Financial Analyst, and the person who holds them has earned the most prestigious title there is in the industry,bar none. Anyone doing business with a CFA can rest assured that they are highly qualified and skilled in all areas of finance and investments.That's because a person can only attain the rank of CFA by passing three of the most difficult and exacting tests in any industry in America, or in the entire world. To pass all three of the CFA Exams means a financial professional is truly among the best and brightest, the cream of the crop, when it comes to all things related to money.

The CFA exams require very advanced knowledge of both macro and micro economic theory, portfolio management, all the hundreds of different types of securities,debt instruments and other investment vehicles, the skills to evaluate a client's investment needs and goals and the ability to recommend the best one for each situation, interest rates and the huge role they play in financial planning, economic forecasting, a thorough understanding of risk, the time value of money, and much, much more. Each CFA exam is incredibly difficult-less than half of the people who take CFA Level 1 are able to pass it, and less than half of those who pass Level 1 of those are able to go on to pass CFA Level 2. And only around two thirds of those who get past CFA Level 2 are able to master CFA Level 3. The bar to becoming a CFA has been set incredibly high, but as a result, investors can rest assured that they and their money are well protected when they turn to a CFA.

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