Free CLA /CP Practice Test

1. True or false. Juan, a legal assistant with five years of experience, overhears some law clerks in the lunch room discussing rumors about a senior partner. It is his duty to report them to his supervising attorney as soon as possible.

2. Precinct is to captain as __________ is to __________.

a. policeman : beat
b. president : congress
c. hospital : surgeon
d. manager : director

3. Some shih tzus are grey. Some grey dogs are good at agility. Some dogs good at agility are not shih tzus. Based on these propositions, which of the following could be true?

a. No grey dogs are good at agility.
b. No dogs good at agility are grey.
c. Some shih tzus are good at agility.
d. All grey dogs are shih tzus.
e. All shih tzus are good at agility.

4. An ex delicto is...

a. In the act of committing a crime.
b. A matter arising from a tort.
c. In equal guilt.
d. After the fact.
e. None of the above

True   False

5. A self-proving will is best defined as...

a. A will that shortens the time an estate is in probate.
b. A will that was witnessed by a person who certifies it was signed by the testator.
c. A will that is nuncupative.
d. All of the above
e. Two of the above

Answers & Explanations

1. False: Turning in co-workers is not the way to build a good relationship with those around you. It would be a display of poor judgment. Rumors are not facts; the best course of action would be to let the matter pass.

2. C: In a police station, a precinct is the domain of a captain; it is where he works. The same is true of the relationship between a hospital and a surgeon, in that a hospital is the domain of a surgeon. In choice A, a policeman has a beat, so the analogy is reversed and thus incorrect. A president is above congress, so choice B is not correct. And in choice D, a manager and a director are basically the same thing.

3. C: The logical conclusion, after analyzing the propositions, is that some shih tzus are good at agility. There is no proposition that says no grey dogs are good at agility, or that a grey dog is not good at agility. It doesn't make sense to say that all grey dogs are shih tzus, and all shih tzus can't logically be good at agility.

4. B: "Ex delicto" is Latin for "from a wrong." It is a legal term for a matter arising from a tort. The term for "in the act of committing a crime" is flagrante delicto. Pari delicto is "in equal guilt." "After the fact" is post factum. Because there is a correct choice, choice E is not correct.

5. A: A self-proving will shortens the length of time an estate is in probate because it is easy for the court to determine it is indeed the true last will and testament of the deceased. A self-proving will must be witnessed by at least two people who certify it was signed by the decedent. A nuncupative will is an oral statement made on a death bed before witnesses. Because there is only one correct choice, choices D and E are both incorrect.


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