Computer Advantages

Owing to the influence of computer games, school technology programs, and the proliferation of home and office computers, there is an entire generation of students who are computer literate, possess great keyboarding skills, and aren't the least bit intimidated by technology. Undoubtedly, this group of test-takers would prefer the expediency of computer testing for a variety of reasons. One of the primary concerns of test takers is to get the results from testing as soon as possible, and to disseminate that information to the relevant institutions. Computer-assisted testing technology greatly increases the efficiency and speed of scoring exams, thereby decreasing the turnaround time required for the test taker to receive scores. The test taker can access test scores electronically and online with secure personal identification number codes.

Computer testing is consistent with the many commercial standardized test review programs. The review software can be programmed to elevate the student to higher levels, or to hold the test taker for a longer time at middle or lower levels.

For those who possess adequate keyboarding skills, computer testing provides a great advantage in the writing portions of standardized tests. Text-editing software is designed to accelerate the editing process. On a computer with a keyboard, it is much easier to correct grammar, sentence structure, spelling, or even to move whole blocks of text.

Moreover, computer-assisted testing can accommodate test takers with disabilities, including hearing, visual, or motor impairment disorders. Braille keyboards are available for those with vision problems. Text can be enlarged or presented in a variety of ways that enhance readability. Various other types of keyboard or input devices may be used to extend access to students who cannot use conventional keyboards.

Internet-based computer-assisted testing can alleviate the costs of conducting large-scale testing programs, including facilities and personnel. In computer-based testing, revisions, updates, and modifications are automatic and instantaneous.

Computerized standard testing also provides an advantage in scheduling, because tests can be administered in much less time than it takes to administer a paper test. This makes testing more accessible to those with full-time jobs or full class schedules. Since the schedule can be compressed, more test dates can be provided throughout the year. The immediate computation and availability of test scores makes it possible for test takers to plan for their next steps right after taking the exam.


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