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Have you ever heard of the Career Programs Assessment Test? (It's more commonly known as the CPAt.) Most institutions of higher learning employ some sort of test as part of their application or admission process, and the CPAt is one of them. If you're interested in attending a trade school or technical school, you may be required to take it as part of the application and admission process for these schools. Some community colleges might also use the CPAt, but very few four year colleges or universities do. These schools have other tests they use, such as the ACT and the SAT, as a means of screening applicants for their academic programs.

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The test is popular; in 2010 around 350,000 people took it. It was created to measure the abilities of applicants in three areas: reading, math, and language use. A person does not need to have a high school diploma or a GED in order to take the exam. In fact, a large percentage of those who take it every year lack both. This is no accident; one of the main reasons the test was created is that many of the people who apply to trade schools and technical schools every year don't have a diploma or a GED. That is a problem for the schools, because they need some way to make sure that applicants are actually able to handle the level of academic work they'll be asked to do in the program. Using the CPAt allows them to do this.

In addition to making sure that a person is ready to handle college level work, the test also helps schools place students at the appropriate level. Some students are ready to dive right in and can handle the curriculum right off the bat. Others might need remedial courses in reading, math, or other subjects. The CPAt helps schools determine how to best meet each student's needs. This saves time, resources and money for the student and the school.

When a person takes the test, they will also answer several questions that don't relate to academics. The answers to these questions are used to compile demographic data which helps a school spot other areas where many students need help to succeed in school, such as financial aid, child care, etc. If you will be taking the CPAt, it's important to do as well as possible. Relying on a study guide for assistance is recommended.

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