FSOT Computer Practice Review

1. When using a word processing program, what is the best way to format information within a document that needs to in organized and aligned in rows and columns?
  1. Tables 
  2. Text boxes 
  3. Diagrams 
  4. Databases
2. Which two-key combination allows you to copy highlighted text in most computer applications?
  1. Shift-C 
  2. Control-C 
  3. Shift-Enter 
  4. Control-Enter
3. In Microsoft Word, where are margin controls located?
  1. Edit 
  2. Page Setup 
  3. Auto Format 
  4. View Normal Layout
4. Which steps would you follow in Microsoft Word to place a picture you have already stored, into a document?
  1. Edit-Find-Insert 
  2. Insert-Picture-From File 
  3. Tools-Insert-Picture 
  4. Insert-From File-Image
5. Which best describes the icons that appear on a Microsoft Word toolbar for aligning text?
  1. The letters L,C,R 
  2. Series of six horizontal lines 
  3. Pictures of a page with text 
  4. Arrows pointing left, right, and up and down
6. Which common font is not considered a safe choice for web page browsing?
  1. Times New Roman 
  2. Verdana 
  3. Arial 
  4. Papyrus
7. Which is not a method for moving text in a word processing document?
  1. Highlight, left click and hold down mouse, drag 
  2. Highlight, right click, choose cut, insert cursor, right click, choose paste 
  3. Highlight, click Control-C, insert cursor, click Control-V, delete from original location 
  4. Highlight, right click and drag, insert cursor, click Insert-Text
8. In a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel, what is the command for combining multiple cells?
  1. Merge cells 
  2. Marry cells 
  3. Format cells 
  4. Copy cells
9. In a spreadsheet such Microsoft Excel, how can you manipulate data in a column to appear in alphabetical order?
  1. Sort descending 
  2. Sort ascending 
  3. Sort alpha 
  4. Sort list
10. In Microsoft Excel, what function does SUMIF perform?
  1. Addition of all cells 
  2. Addition of all cells within certain specifications 
  3. Addition of all cells with positive numbers 
  4. Addition of all cells in one column
11. What abbreviation appears next to the bar for inserting functions in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?
  1. if 
  2. fun 
  3. fx 
  4. fc
12. What Microsoft Excel action can keep a worksheet’s contents from being altered?
  1. Protect sheet 
  2. Share worksheet 
  3. Data sort 
  4. Reveal formatting
13. Which of the following cannot be inserting into a spreadsheet?
  1. Picture 
  2. WortArt 
  3. Diagram or chart 
  4. PowerPoint presentation
14. Which of the following demonstrates a correctly designed formula for calculating the value of each of a series of cells in one column multiplied together?
  1. =PRODUCT(A1:A9) 
  2. =SUM(A1:C9) 
  3. =AVGA1:A10 
  4. =(COSA1:C10)
15. Which of the following demonstrates a correctly designed formula for determining the sum of the value of two cells in one row?
  1. =SUM(A1:C1) 
  2. =(A1:C1) 
  3. =(A1+B1) 
  4. =SUMA1+B1
16. What is the name of the location where cut or copied text, images, formulas, and other information can be placed for insertion into a document or spreadsheet at a later point?
  1. Folder 
  2. Clipboard 
  3. Window 
  4. Worksheet
17. When using a database, communication is done using SQL, which stands for which of the following?
  1. Structured Query Language 
  2. Simple Query Linguistics 
  3. Storing Quality Language 
  4. Simplified Quality Logistics
18. Databases offer which of the following advantages?
  1. Simple format for creating multimedia presentations 
  2. Organized storage of information for access by multiple users 
  3. Advanced statistical calculations with minimal human effort 
  4. Eliminates the need for data entry
19. When using a database such as Microsoft Access, what character is used to separate words in data labels?
  1. a space 
  2. *
20. When sending an e-mail message, the BCC tool does which of the following?
  1. Sends the message to the original recipient and copies the message to someone else without the original recipient’s knowledge 
  2. Sends the message to multiple people, all of whom can view the addresses of other people receiving the message 
  3. Sends the message at a later specified date 
  4. Sends the message and notifies the sender when the recipient has open it

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21. Why should typing in all capital letters be avoided in e-mail communication?
  1. It is considered to be shouting 
  2. It is not grammatically correct 
  3. It is more difficult for people to read 
  4. It takes up more space on a server
22. What is an electronic signature in e-mail correspondence?
  1. A legally binding agreement to a proposition or contract 
  2. A path through which sender’s and receiver’s correspondence can be tracked by authorized personnel 
  3. Information about the sender that automatically attaches to each e-mail sent 
  4. The address to which people send your email
23. Which of the following electronic extensions for websites and e-mail addresses does not designate a specific type of group or organization?
  1. .edu 
  2. .gov 
  3. .net 
  4. .co.jp
24. On a basic PC, all drives and files can be accessed through which of the following?
  1. Control Panel 
  2. My Computer 
  3. Settings 
  4. Internet Explorer
25. Google, Alta Vista, and MSN are all examples of which of the following?
  1. ISP’s 
  2. Search engines 
  3. Browsers 
  4. Network servers
26. When e-mail correspondence is received, it can be passed on to other e-mail accounts using which of the following functions?
  1. Reply 
  2. Attachment 
  3. Forward 
  4. Carbon Copy
27. Which of the following is not a data entry fields on a typical e-mail form?
  1. To 
  2. Subject 
  3. CC 
  4. Date
28. When sending a file attachment with e-mail correspondence, what is the best way to locate the file?
  1. Use the Browse button in the attachment feature and double click the file 
  2. Use Search from the Start menu and double click the file 
  3. Use My Computer to locate then copy and paste the attachment into the e-mail body 
  4. Use My Computer to locate, open, choose send to, and designate the e-mail recipient
29. What program is needed to open or read files with a .pdf extension?
  1. Microsoft Word 
  2. Adobe Acrobat 
  3. Java 
  4. QuickTime
30. What type of file is followed by a .gif extension?
  1. Certain word processing documents 
  2. Spreadsheets 
  3. Pictures 
  4. E-mails
31. In Microsoft Word, which of the following functions is not available when right clicking on highlighted text?
  1. Copy 
  2. Paste 
  3. Save 
  4. Bullet or number
32. In Microsoft Excel, multiple spreadsheets together are referred to as which of the following?
  1. Workbook 
  2. Template 
  3. File 
  4. Collection
33. Which of the following is a port used for transferring data between a computer and other external devices such as cameras and printers?
  1. USB 
  2. Modem 
  3. CPU 
  4. Coaxial
34. If a computer application and mouse become frozen, what is the best way to proceed without losing data in other applications that are open?
  1. Turn computer off and restart in Safe Mode 
  2. Press Ctrl-Alt-Del and end the problem application from the task list 
  3. Disconnect the mouse and reconnect 
  4. Press F12 and select Troubleshoot
35. In a Microsoft Access database, which of the following is a column on a datasheet that sets aside space for a certain type of data?
  1. field 
  2. key 
  3. object 
  4. value
36. Which computer function can be run periodically from System Tools to help your computer run faster and more efficiently?
  1. System restore 
  2. Disk defragmentation 
  3. Utility manager 
  4. Disk backup
37. In Microsoft Word, what function does the icon with a picture of a magnifying glass over a piece of paper perform?
  1. Zoom in 
  2. Print preview 
  3. Spell check 
  4. Highlight text
38. What is one way to change the name of a document without creating a new or additional document?
  1. After opening, choose Save As and type in the new name 
  2. When the document is open double click on the name at the top of the screen and type in the new name 
  3. From File choose Open, right click on the file, choose Rename and type in the new name 
  4. When the document is open from File choose Page Setup, type new name in Document Title bar
39. Which of the following can not be inserted into a Word document?
  1. A diagram 
  2. A .jpg file 
  3. A video 
  4. A graph
40. What is the primary usage of a flash drive, also referred to as a jump drive or USB drive?
  1. Permanent storage of digital images such as photos 
  2. Temporary storage of files for transport 
  3. Large capacity external storage for media files exceeding 2GB 
  4. Back up of computer hard drive files

FSOT Computers – Answer Key

1. A.

Tables are ideal for formatting data that desired to appear in specific places or alignment with a word document. Tables can be created without visible borders so that the text does not appear to be in a table.

2. B.

Control-C is one of many quick keyboard functions that allow shortcuts to various applications.

3. B.

There is a tab for formatting margins located under File-Page Setup.

4. B.

The Insert tab contains numerous options for inserting objects, images, text, hyperlinks, etc. into a document. For a picture already stored on a computer drive, click Insert-Picture-From File and choose the appropriate drive and file.

5. B.

In the Formatting toolbar which can be displayed at the top of Word, four buttons appear, each containing six horizontal lines aligned to show their function.

6. D.

In designing web pages it is important to choose fonts that are universally recognized or the page might not be recognizable. Papyrus, while common is not universal. The other three are considered web-safe fonts.

7. D.

The actions described in D will not produce the desired results. The other three choices will all work with A being the most efficient choice.

8. A.

Merge cells command causes the cells chosen by highlight to be combined into one cell. This action can be reversed through the command Split cells.

9. B.

The Sort Ascending command causes text data in highlighted cells or a designated column or row to be arranged in alphabetical order. It also causes numerical data to be arranged from lowest to highest.

10. B.

SUMIF looks at all data in designated cells and adds the value of those cells that meet a specific criteria specified in the formula such as positive integers only or values that fall in a certain range only.

11. C.

The character fx appears at the top of the screen next the bar when formulas are entered. Clicking the fx causes the formula box to display from which all formulas can be created.

12. A.

The Protect Worksheet tool can allow the spreadsheet designer to protect various aspects from change by other users or viewers as well as from accidental change by the designer. Protection can cover the entire worksheet, designated cells only, or designated aspects such as all formulas.

13. D.

Most objects that are saved in any graphic image format as well as all text can be inserted in an Excel spreadsheet. Images from a PowerPoint presentation could be copied into the spreadsheet as well, but not the entire presentation.

14. A.

The PRODUCT function multiplies values in specified cells together. This formula is also correctly formatted by placed specified cells within parentheses.

15. C.

Although the SUM function is correct for adding values together, the question specifies the addition of two numbers only. Choice A includes a range that could contain more than two values. Choice D does not include the required parentheses around the specified cells. Choice C demonstrates a correct formula which does not use a function key such as SUM. Function keys are not always required.

16. B.

When items are simply cut or copied, they are lost when the next cut or copy command is given. When working with documents or spreadsheets multiple items can be copied or cut and placed on the clipboard for later use. When the document is closed, these items will be lost if they are not saved.

17. A.

SQL is the language of communication with databases allowing users to create, add, delete, alter, and access information in this format.

18. B.

Organization and ease of access to stored information are the key advantages and reasons for use of databases. Initially, databases can require significant data entry, however much can be automated to pull from other sources or to be entered by multiple individuals.

19. C.

In SQL, the underscore character “_” is used to indicate a space that should be displayed such as in “Test_Results”.

20. A.

BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy preventing the original recipient from viewing the addresses of people copied in this manner.

21. A.

In the unique world of the world wide web, using all caps is intended to convey a tone similar to shouting. E-mails using such could be considered rude even if that was not the intent.

22. C.

Users can set up an electronic signature to automatically send with all e-mail correspondence. Commonly included information is name, company, position or title, and phone and fax numbers.

23. C.

The domain .net is generic in nature and can be used by anyone just like .com and .org. The domains .edu and .gov are reserved for educational and government institutions and organizations respectively. The domain .co refers to a specific country of origin for the website with the country abbreviation follow such as .jp for Japan .

24. B.

My Computer shows the user all available drives. Clicking on a drive shows all folders and files located in that drive.

25. B.

These are common search engines used to locate information on the world wide web.

26. C.

Most e-mail providers offer a feature, Forward, that allows users to send an email on to other recipients.

27. D.

The date an email is sent is automatically recorded by most e-mail systems.

28. A.

When sending an email choose Attachment. A browse button is available to search through all files on all available drives. Double clicking on the desired file brings it up in the attachment list. Most accounts allow users to send multiple attachments in a single email although there is typically a size limit.

29. B.

Adobe Acrobat is a free, universally used program that allows users to view products created using many different programs even if the viewer does not have the original program on their computer. Adobe Acrobat retains the product in its original form.

30. C.

GIF stands for Graphic Interface Format and is one type of designation for images or pictures. Those saved in this format are usually low in quality and resolution.

31. C.

Save is only available through the File tab or the Save icon which is a picture of a floppy disk. Right click functions are those that would apply only to the highlighted text, while Save applies to the entire document.

32. A.

Workbook refers to multiple spreadsheets together. Tabs for each individual spreadsheet are located at the bottom of the workbook. Links can be formed between spreadsheets in a workbook.

33. A.

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and is the most commonly used connection method between computers and external devices. Most modern computers have several of these ports and the majority of digital devices are available with compatible connectors.

34. B.

Ctrl-Alt-Del opens a window that offers several options including shutting down any running applications individually, shutting down the entire system safely, and accessing information on computer and network usage.

35. A.

In a database of customer records fields might include data sets such as name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.

36. B.

Disk defragmentation is the process or reorganizing files on your computers hard drive into continuous blocks, freeing up wasted space in between that cannot be used. It should be used when a computer’s processing speed has slowed.

37. B.

This button shows a document as it will look when printed.

38. C.

Choices B and D do not actually work and option A produces a second copy of the document. You can access the Rename option from any where you can see the file name such as My Computer.

39. C.

Video insertions can be accomplished with multimedia applications such as PowerPoint, but not in word processing programs. Most still pictures and images, however, can be inserted.

40. B.

These are temporary storage available at prices as low as $25 dollars. They are very small, usually only a few inches long and have replaced floppy disks and CD’s for many uses. Most range in storage space from 128KB to 2GB.


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