FSOT Test Breakdown

Here are the 4 key sections on the Foreign Service Written Exam:

  • Job Knowledge: The sample questions cover major content areas in the general section of the exam, such as U.S. Government and Political System, U.S. and World History, Geography, Economics, and Math and Statistics.
  • English Expression: The sample questions encompass English expression and language usage skills required for preparing or editing written reports, including correct grammar and good writing at the sentence and paragraph levels.
  • Biographic Information Questionnaire: These questions look at past job performance and activities to predict future success.
  • Written Essay

Note: the Job Knowledge section has two parts. The general knowledge section covers all of these topics:

  • English expression 
  • United States Government 
  • United States Society and Culture 
  • World History and Geography 
  • Economics 
  • Mathematics and Statistics 
  • Management 
  • Communication 
  • Computers

Then you must take one of five career track sections.

FSOT Practice Questions

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