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The Alaska High School Graduation Qualifying Examination (HSGQE) is for all high school students in the state of Alaska planning to graduate from high school. The exam tests the proficiency of students in state standards that have been developed to reflect what those graduating from high school should know as a result of their experience in the Alaska school system. There are three subtests on the exam: mathematics, reading, and writing. In order to receive a diploma, students must show proficiency on all three subtests.

Alaska high school students are first given a chance to take the exam during the spring semester of their sophomore year. For those who do not pass the HSGQE, they can continue retaking the exam until they have achieved proficiency in all three subtests. There is no limit to the number of times the HSGQE can be retaken. This also includes students who are beyond the legal school age and who no longer receive services from their school district.

Modifications to the normal testing procedures are allowed in certain circumstances. For example, this can include anything from allowing additional testing time, allowing the use of a graphing calculator, allowing the test to be read aloud, allowing the student to ask for clarification and test directions, and others.

The reading section contains both multiple-choice and short-response questions. In some instances, students will be asked to answer multiple-choice questions about the facts in the passage they were just asked to read. Students may also be asked to write a short answer regarding the facts in the passage they read. The reading passages can vary from a single paragraph to multiple pages long. The type of passage can be informative, biographical, a poem or short story, or one of a number of other formats. Some short-answer-response questions are worth 2 points; other can be worth 4 points or more.

Questions contained in the writing section can be in a variety of formats. Students may be asked to answer which single sentence in a list of sentences is written correctly. Students may be asked to identify a sentence or paragraph in a passage that does not belong. Students may be asked to rewrite sentences or short passages in order to correct spelling, punctuation, or typographical errors. Some multiple-choice questions will be offered as well as short-answer questions that have varying point values. The mathematics subtest also contains multiple-choice as well as short-answer questions. Students may be asked to use one of the items provided to them in order to answer some questions, including a ruler, a reference sheet given to all students, or others.

For students with either an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or a 504 Plan (designed for students with disabilities), additional accommodations may be allowed when taking the HSGQE. Two approaches can be taken: taking a modified HSGQE or taking a nonstandardized HSGQE. The modified HSGQE is the most common option for students with an IEP or 504 Plan. The IEP or 504 team can help determine exactly what modifications may help a student achieve proficiency on all subtests. In addition, the student's IEP/504 team must apply to the state Department of Education and Early Development to receive approval to take a modified HSGQE. Alternatively, students with an IEP or 504 can prepare an extensive collection of academic work that displays their proficiency in each of the subtests on the HSGQE. Scores are given by a state-appointed jury, and the student's IEP/504 team must certify that their student meets the qualifications that are outlined in instances allowed when giving a nonstandardized HSGQE.


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