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The Idaho Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT) is administered to students in grades 3 through 10 in the state of Idaho. All students who wish to receive a high school diploma from the state of Idaho must pass the reading, language usage, and mathematics sections. This is to verify that an Idaho high school student has met statewide standards in these three subjects. It is possible that in the future, high school students will also be required to pass the science section as well, though those possible changes have currently not been officially announced. The ISAT is in accordance with No Child Left Behind, which requires measuring proficiency in these four subjects.

The state of Idaho has a contract with a company called Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) to offer all ISAT tests online through software developed by Computerized Assessments and Learning (CAL). The software provides the interface that presents questions and saves responses, but also provides all necessary training tools needed for those who oversee the online administration of all of the exams.

The ISAT consists of reading, language usage, and mathematics for those in every grade from 3 to10, and also includes science tests for those in grades 5, 7, and 10. The exams assess a variety of skills, including short-term recall of facts and problem solving, among others. Within the reading sections, the two main reporting categories are reading process and comprehension/interpretation. Within the language usage exam, the two main reporting categories are writing process and writing components. The mathematics exam includes five main reporting categories: number and operations; concepts and principles of measurement; concepts and language of algebra and functions; principles of geometry; and data analysis, probability, and statistics. The science exam includes five main reporting categories: nature of science; physical science; biology; earth and space systems; and persona and social perspectives. All exams include only multiple-choice questions.

All exams are taken online. The software used for the exams has the ability to show students their scores immediately following the conclusion of the exam. These scores are to be considered preliminary until official results are sent at a later date. Schools can decide to turn off this feature if they so choose. Preliminary reports are also mailed to a student's parent(s) or guardian(s). A template and instructions for interpreting scores will also be posted online. A single report will be sent for each subject taken. Final score reports will be sent and posted by January of each school year.

Score reports include a variety of information for both students and their parent(s) or guardian(s). All scores are grouped into one of four proficiency levels: advanced, proficient, basic, and below basic. The scaled score for each section determines the level of proficiency. Raw scores are not valid for comparisons across grades, subjects, or standards due to variations among different versions of the tests. The same raw score on separate tests will usually result in different scale scores. This can be due to slight variation in the total number of questions asked, the difficulty of the questions asked, or both. For each section, both a raw score and a scaled score will be given.

The reports provided also include a historical record of results on the ISAT, up to a maximum of the four most recent tests given. Growth Scores for the student are included, as well as the average amount of growth statewide between administrations. Average growth in the past is not intended to be used by parents to predict progress towards any particular goals in the future, as future score results can be affected by a wide number of potential factors.

Because all of the tests are only provided online, the Idaho State Department of Education offers student tutorials on its website solely for the purpose of teaching students about how to use the software. They are designed to provide an overall introduction to the online testing software. In addition, practice tests are available on the state site to prepare students for the actual content of the exams.


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