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The Michigan Merit Exam (MME) is a minimum-competency exam for high school students in the state of Michigan. It was required for all students starting with the class of 2008, and is used to measure "adequate yearly progress" as is required for all states under the federal No Child Left Behind Act. The exam assesses students in grade 11 (and, in some instances, students in grade 12) and is based on high school standards. It is offered every March over three separate days, and consists of three separate exams. The first is the ACT Plus Writing college entrance examination, which is offered on the first day. The second is the WorkKeys job skills assessments in reading, mathematics, and "locating information," and is offered on the second day. The final component is Michigan-developed assessments in mathematics, science, and social studies, which are offered on the third day. Those who miss the initial test date are offered a makeup test date approximately two weeks after the initial test date.

The ACT Plus Writing component covers English, mathematics, reading, science, and writing. For the writing component, all items contribute to the student's score. For all other sections, only some items contribute to the student's score. Since this section of the exam is a national standardized assessment that can result in scores being reported to colleges, there are additional administrative rules that must be followed when this component is being taken; this is because the rules for how the exam is administered must be the same as those for students who take the ACT across the country.

Because the ACT score is reported to colleges, this section of the test is the most important and challenging for many Michigan high school students. The English section consists of 75 questions in a 45-minute time limit. The mathematics section consists of 60 items in 60 minutes. The reading section consists of 40 items in 35 minutes. The science section consists of 40 items in 35 minutes. The writing test consists of a single writing prompt in a 30-minute time span.

The WorkKeys component covers reading for information, applied mathematics, and locating information. For these three subsections, some items contribute to the student's overall score. The Michigan Component covers mathematics, science, and social studies. All items in each subsection contribute to the student's overall score.

There are just two question types offered in the MME: multiple choice and constructed response. The majority of the MME consists of multiple-choice items, as the only constructed response item on the entire MME is the writing prompt on the ACT. For the multiple-choice questions, students who select the correct answer receive a score of one; those who do not answer correctly or do not provide a response to a question receive a score of zero. Therefore, students should at a minimum attempt to answer every single question. Students are also given scale scores that are created from the statistical scoring models used to score students' responses to all questions. The scale scores are recalculated every year and can be computed differently based on the exact form that was taken on the MME. Students are also given MME subscores, though these are not equated from year to year and thus cannot be compared year to year. Students are also given performance levels within each subject area: advanced, proficient, partially proficient, and not proficient. The ACT composite score is given by the ACT testing agency and ranges from 1 to 36 for all sections except for writing, which is scored from 2 to 12.

All students in eleventh grade must take the exam, with the exception of students who have an IEP indicating they are to take a different assessment. Students in eleventh grade also do not have to take the MME if they have taken the entire MME previously and achieved a performance level of 1 through 4 in all five subject areas. Students in twelfth grade can take the exam if they have not previously taken the MME, previously received an invalid score on any MME subject test, or were categorized as grade 10 students in the previous year and thus were never grade 11 students.


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