MTTC Sociology Practice Test

The human race continues to exist due to sociology. Sociology is the study of the various elements that encompass human culture, especially social relationships. It helps experts to understand social order, disorder and change. Classes in sociology can help students prepare for careers in various fields, such as social services, community services and law. In order to teach sociology to Michigan students, it is mandatory that you pass the MTTC Sociology Exam.

MTTC Sociology Practice Test

The MTTC Sociology Test consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. You can take the test on a computer or on paper.

A score of 220 is required to become certified.

The test encompasses five subareas:

  • concepts and skills
  • social interactions among individuals and groups
  • social organization
  • social stratification and change
  • U.S. social problems.

You will be tested on your knowledge of sociology terms, research techniques, issues in contemporary sociology, procedures for translating and organizing information, analytical thinking and research skills, socialization processes, relationship between culture and personality, formation of beliefs and attitudes, theories and consequences of deviance, methods of social control, types and functions of groups, group processes, types of communications and their significance, social status in various societies, acquisition of roles in society, kinship, marriage and family systems.

The exam will also cover political and economic systems, education, religion, socioeconomic stratification and class, racial and ethnic stratification, gender and age stratification, social mobility, culture, social continuity, urbanization, social movements, race and ethnic relations, equal rights in the United States, poverty, social welfare, crime, criminal justice, ecological systems, population trends, aging concerns, health care and contemporary family life.

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by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: April 5, 2019