Nursing Entrance Test (NET)

The NET (Nurse Entrance Test) is a computer based test consisting of six parts: math skills, reading comprehension, test taking skills, stress level, social interaction, and learning style.

All six parts must be completed in order to receive scores and be considered for admission. However, only the math and reading scores will be used to calculate application eligibility. A reading score of 50% or higher and a math score of 50% or higher must be achieved for admission for most schools.

Math skills problems consist of whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percentages, number system conversions and algebra equations (60 problems in 60 minutes). Calculators are NOT allowed. Scratch paper will be provided.

Reading comprehension involves reading selections and answering questions (33 questions in 30 minutes).

Key Point: Some Nursing School also use a NET Test section called the Written Expression Test, which covers grammar and punctuation. Check with your school if this section is also on the test.

NET Mathematics Practice

NET Reading Comprehension Practice

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