Free PAX-PN Practice Test

The PAX-PN exam is a challenging and comprehensive pre-admission examination for those looking to enter a registered nursing program. The content of the exam is divided into three main areas: verbal skills, mathematics, and science. Each of these areas is the focus of a one-hour section of the exam.

The verbal skills section of the PAX-PN exam covers vocabulary and reading comprehension. The vocabulary and subject matter used in this section may not be related to nursing.

The vocabulary questions ask you to identify synonyms and antonyms and to define words in context.

The reading comprehension questions ask you to perform tasks like finding a main idea of a text, inferring facts from context, and evaluating an author’s argument.

In the mathematics section of the PAX-PN exam, you must solve problems related to basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, conversions, graphs, applied mathematics, and word problems.

As with the verbal skills section, the issues addressed in the mathematics section may not pertain directly to nursing or healthcare.

The science section of the exam, meanwhile, includes questions on biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science.

There may also be some questions related to health and first aid. These questions may ask you to give information or to solve problems.

The PAX-PN exam was developed by the National League for Nursing.

by Enoch Morrison | Last Updated: January 9, 2019