Free PSB-PN Practice Test


1. The chemicals began to effervesce.
Effervesce means:

A: to combine
B: to catalyze
C: to break down
D: to bubble up

2. The witness began to evince critical details.
Evince means:

A: to hide
B: to cover secretly
C: exaggerate
D: to make manifest

3. The congressman from Ohio started a filibuster.
Filibuster means:

A: bill
B: congressional investigation
C: an attempt to disrupt legislation
D: program related to welfare


4. If x=75 + 0, and y= (75)(0), then

A: x>y
B: x=y
C: x<y
D: x+y = 0

5. 12 members of a weight loss club are female. Altogether, there are 23 members. Approximately what percentage of members are males?

A: 59%
B: 48%
C: 36%
D: 44%

6. A student invests $3000 of his student loan and receives 400 dollars in interest over a 4-year period. What is his average yearly interest rate?

A: 3.3%
B: 2.1%
C: 5%
D: 4.2%


7. The hormone _________ can promote increased blood volume, and increased blood pressure.

A: estrogen
B: testosterone
C: aldosterone
D: dopamine

8. ________ is a state of inflammation of the mouth.

A: diverticulitis
B: hepatitis
C: enteritis
D: somatitis

9. Which of the following functions are not related to the kidneys?

A: filtration
B: bile production
C: secretion
D: re-absorption

Answers & Explanations

4. A
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. D
9. B

PSB-PN test blueprint and breakdown


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