PSB-PN Practice Test

The Psychological Services Bureau (PSB) Aptitude for Practical Nursing exam is a standardized test based on the needs of educational institutions that train skilled and proficient vocational nurses. Scores on the PSB Practical Nursing exam are relied upon by these institutions as indicators of whether or not a given prospective student has a good chance of success during their studies and as professional healthcare employees in the real world.

How Can I Register for the PSB Practical Nursing Exam and How Is It Administered?

Prospective participants in the PSB Aptitude for Practical Nursing exam can register for a specific testing time and location that works for them through the PSB website.

All of the PSB exams are formatted as either a computer-based or paper and pencil test. Which form the exam comes in is determined by the educational entity that administers the test.

The first four sections of the PSB Practical Nursing exam are multiple choice. The fifth part consists of an agreement/disagreement structure.

Scores on the PSB Practical Nursing exam are based only on the correct answers that a participant indicates and wrong answers are not penalized. So, participants should guess rather than leaving any answer fields blank.

What Content Appears on this Nursing Exam Provided by PSB?

As noted above, the PSB Aptitude for Practical Nursing exam consists of five sections, each of which cover a different specific topic within the practical nursing field. The first of them contains several subtests.

  • Part I: Academic Aptitude: Emphasizes familiar concepts and careful reasoning, testing the ability to comprehend and draw conclusions
    • Verbal Subtest: Vocabulary-based test questions
    • Arithmetic Subtest: Arithmetical concepts and computational speed
    • Nonverbal Subtest: Comprehension of form relationships
  • Part II: Spelling: Measures skills around written expression and communication
  • Part III: Information in the Natural Sciences: Tests knowledge of natural sciences such as chemistry, biology and health and safety
  • Part IV: Comprehension and Judgement in Practical Nursing Situations: Tests the knowledge and ability to adapt under circumstances likely to occur for a vocational nurse as both student and practitioner
  • Part V: Vocational Adjustment Index: Testing the attitudes, characteristics and behavioral traits as they pertain to prospective practical and vocational nurse students and practitioners

Can I Bring a Calculator to this Exam for Nursing?

No, there are no types of calculators that are permitted for use on the PSB Aptitude for Practical Nursing exam.

What Tips Should I Be Aware of for the Psychological Services Bureau Aptitude for Practical Nursing Exam?

PSB recommends several specific tips for participants in its Practical Nursing exam. These include:

  • Paying careful attention to the oral directions they receive before or during the exam
  • Carefully reviewing and following the general instructions provided with the exam
  • Carefully reviewing and following the specific instructions for each section of the exam
  • Ensuring that they understand the instructions provided before each section of the exam
  • Reading questions carefully and working quickly in order to provide answers to as many of the questions as possible
  • Avoid spending excessive amounts of time on any particularly difficult questions
  • Understanding that while test questions are generally arranged in order of difficulty, some questions at the beginning of the test may be more difficult for certain participants than others
  • Finishing the easiest questions on the exam first, before going back and attempting to reason out the more difficult questions
  • While it’s never good to leave questions blank, understanding that making educated guesses is much more valuable than making random guesses
  • Remaining hesitant to change answers to a question and only doing so when warranted

How Can I Best Prepare for the PSB Practical Nursing Exam?

Because a passing score on the PSB Aptitude for Practical Nursing exam is such a critical stepping stone toward a fruitful career in healthcare, prospective participants will want to be thoughtful in how they devise a study strategy. To full capitalize on the exam’s structure and its scoring system, it is recommended that prospective participants spend their studying efforts on a combination of a set of study flashcards and a tailored study guide. Particularly useful versions of both a study guide and flashcard set are provided by Mometrix Test Preparation.