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Being a school teacher is one of the most rewarding careers imaginable. Shaping young minds and instructing them about the world around them, watching little people grow into adolescents, and awkward teenagers turn into young men and women, and knowing that you played a part in who they are what they will become is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a teacher. Of course, not all teaching jobs are this satisfying. Unfortunately, many teachers find themselves in jobs where they're underpaid and overworked, unappreciated by students, staff, or parents. This kind of teacher job can be a nightmare. If you're looking for a better position, or your very first school teacher position, there are several things you can do to maximize your chances of getting hired. The first thing you'll want to do is to decide where you'd like to work. Don't just settle for any teacher job, pick some community or school that appeals to you personally. Most states require that teachers pass the Praxis exam to be certified.

If you want to teach school in the inner city, then you probably won't be happy anywhere else. And vice versa. And this will come across when you're looking for a teaching position. Interviewers will know that you're not passionate, and that you're just settling for second best. So go for the school you want. You may not get it, but give it a good shot. Start looking early-by April or May, many school districts have already made their hiring decisions for the next year. Try to do some networking with teachers and other school staff-most teacher jobs aren't filled from ads in the paper, or on the internet. They're filled by referral-word of mouth. Nothing compares to having a teacher who already works there recommend you. And don't just drop your resume off at the district administration offices. Do that, but then take one personally to the principal of every school in the district where you'd consider working. And, as always, one of the surest routes to a permanent teacher job is substitute teaching. It's certainly not the ideal, but it's a foot in the door. You can also apply for a job teaching summer school. Get in there and let them see what you can do, and get comfortable with you. It's not easy finding the ideal teacher job, but if you stick with it, and are willing to sub or teach summer school to get noticed, you'll eventually get the job you want.

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