CBIC Exam Information

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology (CBIC) has developed the CBIC exam to ensure that all individuals practicing infection control and prevention meet a high professional standard.

The infection control practices assessed by the CBIC exam include both the analysis and interpretation of collected infection control data, and the investigation and surveillance of suspected outbreaks of infection.

Other practices assessed by the CBIC exam may include infection education, the development of infection control policies, the management of infection prevention and control activities, the provision of infection risk consultation and assessment, and the planning and implementation of infection prevention and control measures.

The major CBIC examination content areas:

I. Identification of Infection Disease Processes

II. Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation

III. Infection Prevention and Control

IV. Program Management and Communication

V. Education

VI. Infection Control Aspects of Employee Health

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