CCHT Practice Test

The Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician examination, commonly known as the CCHT exam, is one of the top exams in the field of nephrology nursing. The exam covers a wide range of topics, which are outlined in a comprehensive exam blueprint.

Besides the topics mentioned there, however, there are a number of other subjects that must be mastered for this exam. For instance, success on the CCHT exam requires knowledge of aseptic technique, standard precautions, and infection control. Moreover, you must understand the basics of anticoagulation, as well as the anesthetics commonly used for fistula needle placement.

The CCHT exam does not just cover technical information, however. There are also questions related to basic communication skills and the roles of health team members. A clinical hemodialysis technician needs to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of infection, venipuncture techniques, and dialyzer reuse processes.

In addition, the exam requires knowledge of the basic principles of patient teaching and the reinforcement of teaching, since patients will need to obtain certain skills in order to monitor and maintain their own health. The exam also requires you to know the normal range for vital signs and general patient condition

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Some basic areas of medical practice are covered, if only tangentially, by the CCHT exam. These include the documentation of procedures, clinical practice guidelines (for example, DOQI), and the use of syringes and needles.

As you can see, success on this assessment requires intense study and careful research. Be sure to set aside large amounts of time for study months in advance of the exam. The CCHT exam was developed by the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission.

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