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The Certified Case Manager credential indicates a specialized level of training in the field of patient case management. The Certified Case Manager works closely with patients and the healthcare team in order to expedite and ensure efficient care of the patient. The Certified Case Manager is employed in hospitals, federal and state institutions, and short and long-term care facilities.

In order to take the Certified Case Manager Exam, the applicant must hold a post-secondary degree in a field that promotes the well-being of the patient, such as nursing. In addition, the applicant must have worked for at least 1 year in case management under the supervision of a Certified Case Manager, worked for at least 2 years in case management not under the supervision of a Certified Case Manager, or worked at least 1 year in a role that provides supervision to those who provide case management services. A specific job description must be completed outlining the applicant's responsibilities to verify employment criteria have been met.

The Certified Case Manager Exam is offered twice a year, usually on the last Saturdays in April and October, at specific testing sites across the United States. The fee to take the exam is $290 which includes a non-refundable $130 processing fee.

The exam consists of 300 multiple-choice questions. The exam focuses on testing qualified applicant's knowledge in the areas of case management as it pertains to specific patient care issues and concepts. Professional and ethical issues are also covered on the exam.

CCM certification is valid for 5 years. At the end of that time period, the licensed professional must have completed at least 80 approved continuing education hours or retake the CCM exam. The fee for recertification is $150 is the continuing education hour requirements are met and $310 if recertification is accomplished by retaking the CCM exam.

For more information regarding the CCM test, go to www.ccmcertification.org or www.nursecredentialing.org/cert/eligibility/CaseMgmt.html.

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What is the CCM certifcation?

CCM certification gives case managers the knowledge and professional experience needed to provide the correct services for patients with various conditions and illnesses.

How much does it cost to take the CCM?

The application fee for the CCM exam is $200 and the exam fee is $185.

How do you become a certified case manager?

To become a certified case manager, you need a bachelors or masters degree in nursing, psychology, or some similar field. Previous work experience is often required prior to certification.

Is the CCM exam all multiple choice?

Yes, the CCM exam contains 180 multiple-choice questions, 150 of which are used to determine your score.

How long do you have to take the CCM?

Test-takers are given 3 hours to take the CCM exam.

How do you sign up for the CCM exam?

To sign up for the CCM exam, you need to create a CCMC account.

What is the pass rate for the CCM exam?

The pass rate for the CCM exam is between 80-85%.

What is a passing score for the CCM exam?

The scoring system for the CCM exam is very intricate. A “scoring team” will review your exam before coming to a consensus on your final score. You will be given a preliminary pass/fail notification immediately after taking the test.

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