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Becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a smart career move – financial planners are in high demand as individuals and companies struggle to stay relevant in a choppy global market. If you have plans to become a financial planner, then you have undoubtedly heard about the CFP exam.

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The CFP exam is designed to measure your competency in real-life financial planning.

Studying for the CFP exam is a must. You cannot afford to go into the exam without a concentrated review of the topics, from everything like general principles to estate planning. Here are three ways to help you make a CFP exam study plan:

Confirm your eligibility. You can register for the exam once you have met the education requirement including the completion of courses over 100 different financial topics. You must also have a bachelor’s degree in any field.

Clear your schedule. Once you set up a CFP exam test date, you will need to schedule time to study. This may mean saying “no” to other commitments until the exam is over. Make appointments with yourself to study, or enlist the help of a study partner who will hold you accountable.

If you have trouble finding time to study, you may need to consider other convenient options like CFP Exam Flashcards that you can use throughout your day.

Hit the books. But not just any books – make sure to focus your study efforts on material that you know will be on the test. A great way to do this is to check out a CFP Test Study Guide, which provides helpful test-taking strategies, sample questions, and a practice exam.

Become familiar with the CFP exam format. The CFP exam is scored on a pass or fail basis. All questions are multiple choice, and there are two main types of questions – a brief fact/scenario with 1-6 questions that follow, and an extensive case scenario with 10-20 multiple-choice questions.

These questions will all measure your cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities as they relate to the application of financial knowledge.

CFP Study Guide

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