CLEP Biology Practice Test

Now that you’ve graduated high school and entered college, your world is full of possibilities and academic challenges. However, you may be surprised to learn you’ll have to take some of the same courses you took early on in high school, such as Rhetoric and Biology. What’s the deal? Shouldn’t you be done with these types of classes and ready to really dive into studying what you enjoy?

Unfortunately, a large majority of colleges require students to take several mandatory courses outside of their degree track, known as “general education” courses. If you’re especially focused on your major, the idea of having to spend time on classes totally unrelated to what you’re actually planning to study may seem totally unappealing.

Luckily, you have a way of evading that first year Biology course if you don’t want to take it. All it takes to skip this class and still retain the credits you need toward graduation is earning a passing score on the CLEP Biology exam.

CLEP Biology Study Guide and Flashcards

Get practice questions, detailed study lessons, and complex subjects broken down into easily understandable concepts.

Study Guide

Also known by its full name, the College Level Examination Program, is meant to evaluate the knowledge of college students with respect to first year mandatory courses and determine whether they can safely skip out. By doing well on this exam, you’ll receive the proper credits automatically and can move on to studying what you really enjoy.

Naturally, doing well on this exam takes quite a bit of preparation. To help you prepare as thoroughly as possible, our team at Mometrix Test Preparation has composed a CLEP Biology practice test. We have written this free study resource with the help of careful observation and research, ensuring it is as accurate to the real thing as possible.

Each of our 115 CLEP Biology practice questions pertains to one of the following relevant subjects:

  • Population Biology (appearing at a rate of 33 percent)
  • Organismal Biology (34 percent)
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology (33 percent)

We hope this resource helps you to earn an excellent score on the CLEP Biology exam. For a more thorough study experience, we recommend using this tool alongside our companion CLEP Biology study guide. Good luck!

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