CLEP Principles of Management Practice Test

If you plan on majoring in business management, you’ll have to take a large assortment of courses to ensure you have thorough knowledge of this complex field. However, you may not feel you need to take every course required for your degree program. Principles of Management, for instance, is a common first-year course meant to teach the basics of running a business—a subject you may already be well-versed in.

CLEP Principles of Management Exam Study Guide and Flashcards

Get practice questions, detailed study lessons, and complex subjects broken down into easily understandable concepts.

Study Guide

What can you do when you’re faced with a course you don’t want to take? Your best chance of getting out of it comes in the form of earning a passing score on the CLEP Principles of Management exam. Designed by the College Board for your convenience, the CLEP is meant to help you skip certain first-year college courses while still obtaining the credits you need for graduation. Doing well on this exam will free up your schedule enough to allow you to take a course you’re more interested in.

Because of the complexity of this particular subject, it would serve you well to craft a thorough study plan with the best resources available. To help you prepare, the Mometrix Test Preparation team has put together a CLEP Principles of Management practice test. You can use this 100 percent free study tool to familiarize yourself with real exam, getting to know its formatting and contents as well as your own strengths and weaknesses.

Much like the real exam, our practice test contains 100 CLEP Principles of Management practice questions, covering such subjects as:

  • International Management and Contemporary Issues (10 to 20 percent)
  • Organization and Human Resources (15 to 25 percent)
  • Functional Aspects of Management (45 to 55 percent)
  • Operational Aspects of Management (10 to 20 percent)

This practice test pairs well with our CLEP Principles of Management study guide. We design all of our study resources to be not just accurate to the real thing, but a comprehensive tool. Feel free to incorporate our practice test and/or study guide into your study plan!

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