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The Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse examination, commonly known as the CNRN exam, is a comprehensive and detailed assessment for men and women hoping to enter this challenging field of healthcare. The content of this examination can be divided into five domains.

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Domain 1, which comprises 54% of the CNRN exam, has to do with physiological issues. Within this domain, the following subjects are covered: activity and self-care, bowel and bladder management, nutrition, comfort promotion, metabolic management, pharmacological management, neurological management, surgical treatment, respiratory monitoring, thermoregulation, and cardiovascular management.

Domain 2, which comprises 21% of the exam, covers complex behavioral issues, including cognitive behavioral therapy and health education.

In Domain 3, which makes up 12% of the CNRN exam, quality of life topics are covered, including the following: coping assistance, family, culture, ethics, organ donation, palliative care, and end of life treatment.

Domain 4 covers patient safety. It makes up 8% of the exam and includes questions about the identification of neurological decline, abuse protection and support, environment safety management, infection prevention, and physical/chemical restraint.

Finally, Domain 5, which comprises 5% of the CNRN exam, pertains to health systems management. The questions drawn from this domain relate to collaboration and professional competence.

CNRN Study Guide

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