Connecticut Foundations of Reading Test

The Connecticut Teacher Certifications Examinations (CTCE) Foundations of Reading test is an exam intended for prospective teachers seeking endorsements in the areas of Elementary Education Grades 1-3 (013, 305, or 113), Integrated Early Childhood/Special Education N-K, and Comprehensive Special Education (165).

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The purpose of the Foundations of Reading test is to ensure potential reading teachers are able to demonstrate their adherence to scientifically based reading research and alignment with established Connecticut State reading standards.

How do I register to take the CTCE Foundations of Reading test?

In order to sit for the CTCE Foundations of Reading test, you will need to register for the test via the CTCE website. The Foundations of Reading test is available year-round by appointment only, Monday through Saturday. To determine the best testing center and date for you, visit the Pearson VUE website via the CTCE website. Testing locations are available across Connecticut and the remaining United States.

Eligible test-takers are those who have studied the appropriate material at the collegiate level, as defined in Connecticut’s Blueprint for Reading Achievement (2000), and Beyond the Blueprint (2007). For additional eligibility details, visit the Connecticut State Department of Education website to ensure you meet every requirement before registering for the Foundations of Reading exam.

What fees are associated with the CTCE Foundations of Reading test?

The CTCE Foundations of Reading test will cost you $139 at registration. You can pay your test fee using a credit or debit card during the online registration process. If you wish to pay by check, you will have to contact Evaluation Systems via the CTCE website to arrange payment.

Your Foundations of Reading test registration will remain valid for one year. If you do not take the test within a year of registration, and you do not withdraw your registration, you will not receive a credit or refund, so make sure to plan accordingly.

What is a passing score for the CTCE Foundations of Reading test?

To pass the Foundations of Reading test in the State of Connecticut, you will need to achieve a score of at least 240. A score of at least a 240 is necessary in order to earn your initial teacher licensure in Connecticut.

If you do not pass the Foundations of Reading test on your first attempt, you may retake the test; however, you must wait at least 30 days to complete the registration process again. Official score reporting is dependent on the date on which you take the exam, so make sure to check the CTCE website for specific details regarding your score report date.  

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What does the Foundations of Reading exam cover?

The Foundations of Reading exam is a computer-based test (CBT) that consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and 2 open-response written assignments. You will be allotted a total of 4 hours to complete the test, along with 15 minutes for the nondisclosure agreement and CBT tutorial.

The test is divided into four individually weighted subareas, each covering different State reading objectives and related topics. The subareas, objective ranges, attendant topics, and approximate weighted percentages are as follows:

  • Multiple-choice items
    • Foundations of reading development, objectives 01-04, weighted at approx. 35%
      • Understanding phonological and phonemic awareness; promotion of phonological and phonemic awareness; the alphabetic principle and concepts of print; promotion of reading development via phonics; and word analysis strategies and skills.
    • Development of reading comprehension, objectives 05-07, approx. 27%
      • Understanding vocabulary development; application of reading comprehension strategies to literary and imaginative texts; and application of reading comprehension strategies to expository and informational texts.
    • Reading assessment and instruction, objectives 08-09, approx. 18%
      • Understanding formal and informal methods of reading assessment; and multiple reading instruction approaches and strategies.
  • Open-response items
    • Integration of knowledge and understanding, objective 10, approx. 20%
      • Preparing well-developed, organized analyses on topics related to the foundations of reading comprehension, reading development, reading instruction, or reading assessment.

Test Preparation

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