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The Certified Professional in Healthcare Information & Management Systems (CPHIMS) exam was created by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities of IT professionals seeking CPHIMS certification. The exam provides a standardized means of determining requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for CPHIMS certification; as such, the CPHIMS is a valued certification in the healthcare information systems field.

Who is eligible to take the CPHIMS exam?

Candidates who desire to earn CPHIMS certification will need to meet certain criteria before sitting for the CPHIMS exam. The most common means of meeting testing eligibility is to possess an accredited bachelor’s degree, plus five (5) or more years of information and management systems experience. At least three (3) of the 5 required years of experience must have been in a healthcare setting. Another means of meeting testing eligibility is to possess an accredited graduate degree or higher, plus 3 years of information and management systems experience. At least two (2) years of the 3 required years of experience need to have been in a healthcare setting.

How much does the CPHIMS exam cost?

The CPHIMS exam will cost you $295 as a HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Member; $325 as a HIMSS member; or $410 as a non-HIMSS member.

What is the passing score for the CPHIMS exam?

Your initial ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ score will be available immediately after completing the CPHIMS exam. Your official score report will be available shortly after completing the exam, and official recognition of your CPHIMS certification will be mailed to you within 8 weeks of your exam date. Scores on the exam are on a scale of 200-800, with a minimum score of 600 required to pass the exam and earn certification. If you do not earn the requisite score to pass the CPHIMS exam, you can retake the exam as many times as necessary; however, you will need to reapply via the HIMSS website before a new 90-day testing period will be provided to you.

What does the CPHIMS exam cover?

The CPHIMS exam is comprised of 115 multiple-choice questions, of which 100 will count toward your final score. You will be given 2 total hours to complete the exam. In terms of content, the CPHIMS exam is based on three content areas categorized by specific cognitive levels: recall (RE), application (AP), and analysis (AN). The following outline provides the content areas, cognitive levels, number of questions, and general topics covered:

  • General: 22 RE, 6 AP, 0 AN; 28 total questions
    • Healthcare environment: 10 RE, 4 AP, 0 AN; 14 total questions
      • Different types of healthcare organizations, interrelationships, roles and responsibilities, etc.
    • Technology environment: 12 RE, 2 AP, 0 AN; 14 total questions
      • Applications commonly used in healthcare, technology infrastructure, etc.
  • Systems: 3 RE, 22 AP, 15 AN; 40 total questions
    • Analysis: 2 RE, 10 AP, 4 AN; 16 total questions
      • Defining problems, needs analyses, requirements, current processes, cost-benefit analyses, risk assessments, etc.
    • Design: 0 RE, 3 AP, 3 AN; 6 total questions
      • Systems designs, requests and proposals, industry and regulatory compliance, infrastructure, etc.
    • Selection, implementation, maintenance, support: 0 RE, 4 AP, 4 AN; 7 total questions
      • Solution selection, selecting and reviewing team members, management techniques, implementation of solutions, etc.
    • Testing and evaluation: 0 RE, 2 AP, 3 AN; 5 total questions
      • Formal teaching methodology, internal controls, contractual terms, validation, etc.
    • Privacy and security: 1 RE, 3 AP, 2 AN; 6 total questions
      • Organizational privacy and security, mitigating privacy/security vulnerabilities, organizational roles, etc.
  • Administration: 5 RE, 18 AP, 9 AN; 32 total questions
    • Leadership: 3 RE, 10 AP, 9 AN; 22 total questions
      • Organizational strategic planning, environment, forecasting information needs, educational strategies, etc.
    • Management: 2 RE, 8 AP, 0 AN; 10 total questions
      • Defining roles, staff competency, managing relationships with vendors and customers, etc.

Test Preparation

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