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The state of California has been challenged in recent years by a sharp increase in the number of students whose primary language is not English. To ensure that these students are served effectively, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing has established the California Teacher of English Learners (CTEL) examination. This examination assesses one's grasp of the knowledge and skills required to provide basic instruction in the English language. Teachers who pass the CTEL have the authority to provide specific instruction to students. The examination is divided into three subtests: Language and Language Development; Assessment and Instruction; and Culture and Inclusion. The Language and Language Development subtest (also known as CTEL 1) measures the candidate's knowledge of English language structure and the importance of English language skills in general academics.

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CTEL 1 is composed of fifty multiple-choice questions and a constructed-response question. The multiple-choice questions on the CTEL examination will have four possible answers. Constructed-response questions will contain a brief prompt, to which the candidate must respond in coherent, logical prose. The Assessment and Instruction subtest (CTEL 2) measures the candidate's knowledge of English language assessment and instruction procedures. To succeed on this subtest, the candidate will have to be familiar with all the common methods of second-language instruction. CTEL 2 is composed of forty multiple-choice questions and two constructed-response questions. The Culture and Inclusion subtest (CTEL 3) measures the candidate's knowledge of various cultures and the relationship between culture and education. CTEL 3 is composed of forty multiple-choice questions and a constructed-response question. The CTEL examination is administered by the Pearson testing agency at locations throughout the state. The entire examination takes about three hours.

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