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In order to practice professionally as an esthetician, you may need to pass an esthetician exam. Before you register for the exam, you should take a close look at the required knowledge and skills for the exam in your jurisdiction.

The content of the exam varies around the country. In some jurisdictions, all prospective estheticians take the same exam. In other places, there is a different esthetician exam for people who are only interested in cutting hair or doing nails. There is no sense in studying a number of skills that will not be on the exam and that you do not plan to use in your professional life. Another thing you should research in advance of the exam is the required equipment. In some places, you will need to bring your own dummy and wigs to the exam. This can be a little expensive, but at least it allows you to gain familiarity with your equipment before you actually take the esthetician exam.

The most important thing is that you should feel prepared when it comes time to take your examination. If you are stressed and nervous, you will be less likely to achieve the highest score of which you are capable. Take deep breaths, try to relax, and make sure you prepare fully before it is time to take the esthetician exam.

Esthetician Exam Practice Test


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