FTCE Art K-12 Practice Test

If you happen to be an aspiring Art teacher, the concept of a standardized test geared toward your particular subject may come as a surprise. After all, art is one of the most intuitive subjects there is. The idea of releasing a standardized test aimed toward Art teachers—specifically for gauging their preparedness to teach, no less—can easily sound counter intuitive.

FTCE Art K-12 Practice Test

However, the FTCE indeed offers a subtest specifically geared toward Art teachers for grades K through 12. If you’re looking to teach Art in Florida, you will have to take and pass this test in order to receive the proper certification. To help you earn the best possible score, we at Mometrix Test Preparation have put together an FTCE Subject #1 practice test to give you an idea of what to expect come test day.

The FTCE subject practice questions will be influenced by the following subjects featured on the full exam:

  • Connections Between Visual Arts, Other Disciplines, and Real-world Applications
  • Processes of Drawing
  • Assessment and Evaluation in Art Education
  • Processes of Painting
  • Equity, Fairness, and Diversity in Art Education
  • Processes of Sculpture
  • Research, Professional Organizations, and Journals
  • Processes of Printmaking
  • Major Theories of Learning in Art
  • Processes of Ceramics
  • Aesthetic Philosophies and Theories
  • Processes of Fine Crafts
  • Art Criticism Processes
  • Processes of Graphic Design
  • Social, Cultural, and Historical Influences
  • Processes of Photography
  • Art Styles, Developments, and Movements
  • Computer Technology and Processes in Art
  • Knowledge of Major Artists and Their works
  • The Sources for Forming Ideas in Art
  • Equipment Maintenance, Hazardous Substances, and Safety Procedures

We’ve conducted as much research and careful study as possible to ensure this FTCE subject practice test gives you a full glimpse of the real FTCE Art exam. We encourage you to use this practice exam in conjunction with our study guide for maximum effectiveness.

FTCE Art K-12 Practice Test

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by Enoch Morrison | Last Updated: March 4, 2019