FTCE Biology 6-12 Practice Test

If your goal is to teach biology to junior high and high schoolers in the state of Florida, you’ll be required to prove your knowledge and proficiency. You will need to accomplish this by taking and passing the FTCE Biology 6–12 test.

The FTCE Biology 6–12 exam consists of 120 multiple-choice questions that you must complete in the allotted time of two hours and 30 minutes. In order to pass, you must obtain a score of at least 200. You can see if you passed immediately after taking the test, although you won’t receive an official score for four weeks. The test fee is $200.

You will be tested on 10 areas of competency. Investigative processes accounts for most of the test questions, at 18 percent. The other areas of biology you will be tested on include: interactions between science and technology, chemical processes of living things, interactions between cell structure and function, genetic processes and applications, structural and functional diversity of viruses, structural and functional diversity of fungi and plants, structural and functional diversity of animals, ecological principles and processes, and evolutionary mechanisms.

Free FTCE Biology 6-12 Practice Test Questions

These competencies consist of a wide range of knowledge that you must know, including field studies, laboratory processes, interpreting data, environmental challenges, organic and inorganic compounds, thermodynamics, biochemistry, cellular processes, DNA, genes, plant tissues, microbial processes, plant reproduction and types of animal tissue. You will also be tested on animal body structure, ecosystems, life cycles, species interactions, biodiversity, and evolutionary theory and change.

Biology encompasses a wide range of subject matters. In order to poise yourself for success on test day, be prepared by taking the FTCE Biology 6–12 practice test. This free assessment is a helpful study aid created by the Mometrix Test Prep Team. You’ll see the areas in which you need to improve so you can tailor your study habits accordingly. Combine the practice test with the accompanying study guide and you’ll raise your score even more.

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