FTCE Florida Educational Leadership Practice Test (084)

The Florida Educational Leadership Examination (FELE) is one of the 47 Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE). It is designed to test for the certification of administrators and aligns to the standards set forth by the 10 Florida Principal Leadership Standards (SBE Rule 6A-5.080). This ensures that the state’s educational leaders possess the competencies needed to achieve its education goals by allowing candidates to demonstrate their mastery of such.

FTCE Florida Educational Leadership Exam Study Guide and Flashcards

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Study Guide

The FELE exam consists of these standards broken into three Subtests:

Subtest 1: Leadership for Student Learning

This two-hour computer-based test (CBT) contains approximately 70 multiple-choice questions. Questions will cover your knowledge of: effective facilitation of positive achievement results; prioritization of student learning through leadership actions; development and implementation of an instructional framework; structuring and monitoring of a school environment.

Subtest 2: Organizational Development

This two-hour computer-based test (CBT) contains approximately 70 multiple-choice questions. Questions will cover your knowledge of: effective recruitment and induction practices; practices for the development and retention of faculty and staff; practices that cultivate and support leaders within an organization; personal and professional behavior.

Subtest 3: Systems Leadership

This two and a half-hour test contains one multiple-choice section with approximately 55 multiple-choice questions and a written performance section. Questions will cover your knowledge of: effective decision-making processes; organizational theory, research, and management practices; utilization of resources and fiscal management practices; school legal practices and applications; communication practices.

Upon successfully passing the FELE exam, you will have demonstrated mastery of these questions aligned with the practices and standards set forth by the state. For sample questions in preparation of the examination, take our FELE Subject Practice Test.


For each multiple-choice section on all three Subtests of the FELE test, you will be required to achieve a minimum passing scaled score of at least 200. You will also need to achieve at least seven out of 12 points on the written performance section. Each section of Subtest 3 is independently administered, scored and reported.

Any unused time on either section cannot be used to complete the other section, and once you proceed to a section you cannot return to the previous one. In order to receive a final passing score on the FELE exam, you must successfully pass all three Subtests, including both sections in Subtest three. If you do not pass a section of the exam on your first attempt, you may retake a single section of Subtest 3 or any combination of Subtests.

Registration Information

Registration for the FELE test is by appointment, year round. When you go to register for the exam, you will be given available dates to choose from for your selected testing location. Testing locations are available throughout the state of Florida and nationwide.

The registration cost for the first attempt is $215 for any combination of Subtests. After the first attempt, it is $150 for a section of Subtest 3, or $225 for any combination of Subtests. Upon registration, you agree to adhere to all testing rules and policies.