FTCE General Knowledge Practice Test (082)

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) were created and implemented as a fundamental step in the teacher licensure route in the State of Florida. The FTCE General Knowledge Test is specific to all teaching candidates preparing to enter the teaching field in the State of Florida. The FTCE General Knowledge Test is only one part of the teacher credentialing process in the State of Florida. Be sure to check with the Florida Department of Education, as well as your teacher preparation education program, to confirm you meet every necessary criterion.

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How much does the FTCE General Knowledge Test cost?

The FTCE General Knowledge Test will cost $130 for your first attempt on any combination of subtests, and $130 for any possible retakes (again, on any combination of subtests). If you do not earn the requisite passing scores on your first attempt, you will need to retake the subtests on which you did not score high enough.

What is the passing score for the FTCE General Knowledge Test?  

The passing score for the FTCE General Knowledge Test is scaled at 200 per subtest for the ELS, mathematics, and reading subtests. For the essay subtest, you must score at least 8 out of 12 possible points. You must pass all four GK subtests to pass the entirety of the exam. Unofficial pass/non-pass scores will be accessible immediately after you finish the exam for the multiple-choice questions, and official score reports will be released within 4 weeks of testing.

What does the FTCE General Knowledge Test cover?

The FTCE General Knowledge Test is a computer-based test (CBT) consisting of approximately 40 multiple-choice questions on the ELS subtest, 40 multiple-choice questions on the reading subtest, 45 multiple-choice questions on the mathematics subtest, and 1 essay subtest. The testing times allotted for the GK Test are 40 minutes for the ESL subtest, 55 minutes for the reading subtest, 1 hour and 40 minutes for the mathematics subtest, and 50 minutes for the essay. Please note that an on-screen calculator will be provided during the math section; you are not allowed to bring your own calculator.

In terms of content, the following outline provides basic details regarding each subtest, covered subareas, and approximate weighted percentages per area:

  • English language skills (ELS)
    • Knowledge of language structure, 25%
      • Evaluation of correct modifier placement, parallelism, fragments, run-on sentences, comma splices, and modes of rhetoric
    • Knowledge of vocabulary application, 25%
      • Determining word and phrase meaning, context, diction, tone, and word usage
    • Knowledge of standard English conventions, 50%
      • Determining standard verb forms, appropriate verb tenses, subject-verb agreements, pronoun shifts, case forms, adjectives, adverbs, superlatives, spelling conventions, punctuation, and capitalization
  •  Reading
    • Knowledge of key details and ideas based on selections of text, 40%
      • Identification of textual evidence to support conclusions, explicit meanings, inferences, assumptions, central ideas, themes, and cause and effect relationships
    • Knowledge of craft and structure based on selections of text, 25%
      • Interpretation of the word and phrase meaning, connotations, meaning, tone, organization, structure, contrast, and point of view
    • Knowledge of integration of ideas and information based on selections of text, 35%
      • Evaluation of content in diverse formats, specific claims, relevancy, validity, and differentiation of authors’ approaches
  • Mathematics
    • Knowledge of concepts, number sense, and operations, 17%
      • Comparison of real numbers, locations of numbers on number line, real-world problem solving, and evaluation of expressions involving order of operations
    • Knowledge of geometry and measurement, 21%
      • Identification and classification of two- and three-dimensional figures, ratio, proportion, scaled drawings, appropriate measurement units, and solving real-world problems of measurement
    • Knowledge of algebraic thinking, coordinate planes, 29%
      • Determining algebraic expressions and equivalency, equations, real-world problems, equations and inequalities, graphs, slopes, and linear functions
    • Knowledge of data interpretation, probability, and statistics, 33%
      • Analysis of data in various forms, evaluation of data presentation, central tendency, real-world situations, sample surveys, observations, and experiments
  • Essay subtest
    • Essay skills
      • Determining purpose, introduction, thesis, claims, arguments, relevant sources, transitional devices, point of view, and application of standard English conventions

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