FTCE Mathematics 6-12 Practice Test (026)

For many, Mathematics is a long dreaded or even despised subject. As such, it’s a struggle for math instructors to engage their students with the material and capture their interest in a lasting way so that they can absorb and retain information.

In grades 6 through 12, math gets more advanced. Students are expected to learn topics such as calculus, statistics and probability, and trigonometry. But students can’t learn these skills on their own. They need qualified educators who can teach these difficult subjects. In Florida, teachers take the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) Mathematics 6-12 test to show they have the skills to teach these subjects. The test has several components, and you’ll find exam information below. You’ll also find a recommendation on outstanding materials to help you study and prepare.

How many questions are on the exam?

There are 75 multiple-choice questions on the FTCE Mathematics 6-12 test.

How long should I expect to be at the test center?

You’ll be at the test center for at least three hours. That time includes the test time, which is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

How come I’ll be at the test center longer than the stated test time?

Candidates need time to check-in and for other pre-test procedures. That’s why candidates should arrive at the test center at least 30 minutes prior to their stated test time.

What’s the test’s passing score?

The test is graded on a scaled-score basis. Candidates must score at least 200 to pass the exam.

When will I be able to see if I’ve passed or failed the FTCE Mathematics 6-12 test?

Candidates will receive an unofficial pass/fail grade as soon as they finish the test. Then, about four weeks after the test, candidates will receive their full test scores.

Will I have to pay a fee to take the exam?

Yes. There’s a $150 exam fee.

What about test center locations? Where can I take the exam?

An independent company has been hired by The Florida Department of Education to deliver the test.  The company has test centers across the state and country, and you can find the location nearest you by doing an online search.

What’s on the FTCE Mathematics 6-12 test?

The test contains 10 knowledge areas, called competencies. They are:

  • Algebra, which contains topics that include properties of a line, including slope, intercepts, or equation; absolute values; and quadratic equations.
  • Advanced algebra tests algebraic or geometric complex numbers; polynomial equations; geometric sequence; and matrices operations.
  • Functions include examining a given function for domain and range and transformed functions.
  • Geometry includes points, lines, and planes and their relationships; the Pythagorean theorem; inscribed angles; and surface area and volume of various objects including pyramids, cylinders, and spheres.
  • Coordinate Geometry includes distance and midpoint formulas, and understanding circles, including equation, graph, center, or radius.
  • Trigonometry tests knowledge in areas that include analyzing amplitude, period, and other graphs of trigonometric functions; law of sines; the law of cosines; and solving right triangle problems by applying trigonometric ratios.
  • Statistics and Probability includes data interpretation, either on one or two categorical or quantitative variables; and analyzing graphs, including histograms, scatter plots, and box-and-whisker graphs, to interpret data.
  • Calculus includes algebraic, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions derivatives; velocity and acceleration; problem-solving involving instantaneous and related rates of change; and using integration to solve distance, area, and volume problems.
  • Mathematical Reasoning topics include using logic or counterexample laws to evaluate arguments or conjectures; and inductive and deductive reasoning.
  • Instruction and Assessment includes understanding proper lesson sequences; knowledge gaps and student feedback; and problem-solving skills.

When I check in at the test center, will I need to show identification?

Yes. Candidates must show two pieces of identification. One must be a driver’s license or another piece of government-issued identification. Candidates must also show identification with a photo and signature

Are there any items banned from the test room?

Yes. There’s a long list of items banned from the test room, and it’s best to consult the test center rules to see a complete list. In short, all electronic devices and some clothing items are among the prohibited items. The test center rules state that candidates must place personal items in a locker located at the rest center.  

I need the best test materials I get can to prepare for this exam. What do you suggest? 

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