FTCE Spanish K-12 Practice Test (039)

Nowadays, knowing just one language isn’t enough. A majority of professions like to have employees who speak not only English, but Spanish as well. More and more Mexican immigrants are coming to the United States.

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Since they now make up a large percentage of the country’s population, it’s important to be able to understand them and converse with them. That’s why many school are offering Spanish to students. The FTCE Spanish K–12 exam is required for those looking to teach the language to Florida students at all grade levels.

The FTCE Spanish K–12 test is quite comprehensive, as it consists of 80 multiple-choice questions, one essay and five speaking assignments. You will be tested on your abilities to speak, write, read and listen. You are given two hours and 30 minutes to complete all portions of the test. You must obtain a score of at least 200. Score reports are sent out six weeks following the test.

The speaking portion accounts for 25% of your total test score. You will be giving classroom instructions, responding to everyday situations, communicating on personal topics and expressing opinions. The writing portion accounts for 15% of your test score. You will be assessed on your ability to write in a logical and organized manner while using appropriate tone, grammar and vocabulary.

The multiple-choice questions cover five competencies: interpretive listening and interpretive reading (which account for 50% of the test combined), practices of Spanish-speaking cultures, language structure, and effective teaching and learning strategies based on second language acquisition principles.

You will be tested on various skills and concepts, including listening comprehension, reading comprehension, identifying main ideas and details, understanding of practices and perspectives of Spanish-speaking cultures, correct use of parts of speech, language acquisition instruction, cultural competency, applications of technology, assessment tools and learning outcomes.

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