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The Funeral Service examination is a comprehensive and challenging examination for men and women looking to enter this profession. There is a national version of the examination, but some states choose to administer their own variations. Look into the requirements for your jurisdiction before beginning your preparation for the exam.

You need to begin studying for the funeral service exam as soon as possible, so try to obtain a clear outline of the content that will be on the examination. If you have any questions, contact the licensing board or the exam administrator. The typical funeral service exam covers topics as diverse as restorative art, the history of funerals, and anatomy, so you will likely need to obtain a number of different study resources.

If possible, try to schedule your exam for the Monday after a weekend or for another day that follows a few days during which you have little planned. These last few days before the exam will be essential to your preparation for the funeral service exam. On the morning of the exam, eat a healthy breakfast and avoid excessive amounts of caffeine or sugar, as these chemicals can give you a brief burst of energy but will ultimately diminish your mental performance.

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