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The International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners examination, commonly known as the IBLCE exam, is a comprehensive assessment for men and women looking to make their way into this burgeoning of healthcare.

In the section of the exam related to the interpretation of research, you are likely to encounter questions about appraisal and interpretation of research literature, lactation consultant educational material, and consumer literature; terminology used in research and basic statistics; tables and graphs; and surveys and data collection. In the ethical and legal issues section, on the other hand, you would be wise to study the IBLCE Code of Ethics, ILCA Standards of Practice, scope of practice, referrals and interdisciplinary relationships, confidentiality, medical-legal responsibilities, charting and report writing skills, informed consent, maternal/infant neglect and abuse, conflict of interest, and the ethics of equipment rental and sales. The section on breastfeeding equipment and technology are likely to include questions related to the identification of breastfeeding devices and protocols for handling and storing human milk, including human milk banking procedures. The IBLCE Exam also includes a section on techniques, namely breastfeeding techniques, including positioning and latch, assessing milk transfer, normal feeding patterns, milk expression, and breastfeeding management. Finally, the exam has a section on public health, which is likely to include questions on breastfeeding promotion and community education; working with groups with low breastfeeding rates; creating and implementing clinical protocols; international tools and documents; WHO Code; BFHI implementation; and the prevalence, survey, and data collection for research purposes.

The IBCLC Exam was developed by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners.


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