ILTS School Social Worker Practice Test (184)

Back in the early years of the educational system, a social worker wasn’t necessarily a staple. You may not have had one back during your early academic years. However, as awareness of abuse and other injustices in the lives of children grow and we gain better resources to help them, social workers have found a place in today’s schools that provides them with better opportunities to help youths in need.

ILTS School Social Worker Study Guide and Flashcards

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Study Guide

As an aspiring school social worker, it will be on you to look out for people who have limited resources and help them out of unfortunate situations.

In order to tend to students in crisis as efficiently as possible, you’ve likely had to undergo thorough training.

Now your training will be put to the test in the form of the ILTS School Social Worker exam.

The state of Illinois has made this exam mandatory for every future professional in your field, as a means of evaluating whether they’re ready to take on this important job.

The ILTS School Social Worker exam is designed to take three hours and 45 minutes to complete. You will be given 125 questions total, all of which are presented in multiple choice format.

Each question fits into one of four specific subjects, also known as “subareas.” These subareas include:

  • the Learning Community and the School Social Worker
  • Social Work Theories, Interventions, and Services
  • Consultation, Collaboration, Advocacy, and Facilitation
  • Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation

While this exam may sound like an intimidating endeavor, the Mometrix Test Preparation team wants to assure you that you have nothing to fear! On this page, you’ll find our ILTS School Social Worker practice test. This study tool is 100 percent free and designed to help you gain an accurate glimpse of how the real exam will work. Our practice test closely matches the real exam in terms of structure and content.

We hope our practice test will form an effective part of your study plan. Good luck!