Free Journeyman Electrician Test

The Journeyman Electrician Exams are a group of state-specific examinations that are used to determine whether or not an individual possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to work as a certified or licensed general electrician within a particular state.

These exams are designed to assess an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the National Electrical Code, the laws and regulations of the state in which the individual is interested in pursuing a career, and basic electrical theory.

The exact format of each exam and the exact requirements that are necessary to receive licensure or certification within each state varies from state to state.

However, in most states, an individual interested in becoming a licensed or certified general electrician must take and pass the journeyman electrician exam administered by the state in which he or she wishes to work and complete an apprenticeship prior to taking the exam for a length of time set by the state.

The standard length of apprenticeship requirements set by each state usually ranges from 3 – 5 years and most states require that the apprentice be supervised by a master electrician and a journeyman electrician during that time. Some states do not require that an individual become certified or licensed in order to work as a general electrician so it is important to check with the local electrical licensing authority to determine what laws and regulations are present in a particular jurisdiction.

Individuals that receive a journeyman electrician license or certification or are not required to have a license or certification in that particular state, but meet any other requirements set by the state to work as a general electrician are usually allowed to conduct electrical work on any electrical system regardless of the type of system. However, journeymen are restricted from designing electrical systems without the aid of a master electrician in most states.

by Enoch Morrison | Last Updated: January 9, 2019