Contractor Practice Test Questions

1. Describe the type of screws used with Gypsum installation and light-gage steel?
  1. Type W screws 
  2. Type U screws 
  3. Type R screws 
  4. Type S screws
2. The self-weight of the structural members normally provides the largest portion of the _____ load of a building.
  1. Dead 
  2. Live 
  3. Wind 
  4. Heavy
3. Which of following roof styles is described: roof characterized by two slopes on each of its four sides with the lower slope being steeper than the upper slope?
  1. Salt Box 
  2. Side-gabled 
  3. Mansard 
  4. Pavilion-hipped
4. Identify the correct definition of Ductility.
  1. Ductility is similar to the concept of support, except that connection refers to 
  2. A system of forces composed of two equal forces of opposite direction, offset by 
  3. Bending deformation, i.e., deformation by increasing curvature. 
  4. Ductility generally refers to the amount of inelastic deformation which a
5. Which of the following is not true concerning trusses?
  1. The trusses are often used as visual or spatial elements. 
  2. Trusses are also used for heavily loaded long spans requiring more structural 
  3. Trusses are never used as repetitive lightweight members, such as steel “bar 
  4. Trusses are not limited to planar assemblies, and can be arranged as
6. Match the definition below with the correct term: 
______ occurs in loosely packed saturated sand when seismic shaking compacts the sand, resulting in increased pressure in the surrounding water. The pressure in the water can rise to the point where it carries all the stress in the soil, so the sand grains carry no net pressure and can flow past one another.
  1. Dissipation 
  2. Liquefaction 
  3. Saturation 
  4. Indemnification
7. Match the definition below with the correct term: 
One who has contracted to be responsible for another, especially one who assumes responsibilities or debts in the event of default.
  1. Surety 
  2. Privity 
  3. Compensation 
  4. Quittance
8. Identifiy the acronym: CSI
  1. Construction Science Institute 
  2. Construction Specifications Institute 
  3. Construction SPEX Institute 
  4. Construction Source Institute
9. Match the definition below with the correct term: 
Term used to define portable and fixed, hand operated fire fighting equipment for 
use in buildings. The term not only includes water, carbon dioxide, foam and dry 
powder fire extinguishers but fire hose reels, internal fire hydrants, fire service hose and nozzles.
  1. FSPR 
  2. ASHRAE 
  3. FEXT 
  4. FRSA
10. What distance is required between masonary veneer and sheathing?
  1. .5 inch 
  2. 1 inch 
  3. 1.5 inch 
  4. 2 inch


Answer Key 

1. D 
2. A 
3. C 
4. D 
5. C 
6. B 
7. A 
8. B 
9. C 
10. B