DANB Practice Questions

1. Which of the following terms matches the definition: the teeth on either side of a missing tooth?.
  1. Abutment 
  2. Amalgam 
  3. Armamentarium 
  4. Articulator
2. Which of the following is not considered a contraindication for Nitrous oxide analgesia?
  1. Severe emotional Disturbances 
  2. ANUG 
  3. First Trimester of Pregnancy 
  4. Bleomycin sulfate
3. Which of the following is not considered an advantage of using Zinc-Oxide Eugenol?
  1. Dimensional stability 
  2. Cannot be used in very deep undercuts 
  3. Good surface detail 
  4. Mucostatic
4. Which zone matches up with region 7 o’clock to 12 o’clock.
  1. Transfer zone 
  2. Activity zone 
  3. Assisting zone 
  4. Static zone
5. Which class of motion would include mixing of dental materials that involve movement of the entire arm?
  1. Class II 
  2. Class III 
  3. Class IV 
  4. Class V
6. Which of the following is not a benefit of using Paralleling Technique with radiography?
  1. Takes less time to direct rays. 
  2. Parallel rays eliminates magnification. 
  3. Less distortion since film plan remains flat. 
  4. Patient can be seated in an upright position.
7. Which of the following is not true related to the Inverse Square Law?
  1. Intensity of radiation varies inversely as the square of the distance from its source. 
  2. Intensity of the x-rays becomes less with greater distance from the source. 
  3. If distance is reduced by half, the intensity is 2 times as great. 
  4. As the distance from the object to the source of radiation is decreased, the x-ray intensity of the object increases.
8. Which of the following is not a major chemical in the typical fixer?
  1. Sodium thiosulfite 
  2. Acetic or sulfuric acid 
  3. Sodium sulfite 
  4. Hydrogen peroxide
9. Which of the following could not cause part of the film to be clear by accident?
  1. The developing solution level was too low, and not all of the film on the hanger was immersed. 
  2. The film packet was opened outside the darkroom. 
  3. Part of the film was accidentally immersed in fixer prior to developer. 
  4. The x-ray beam was aligned so that it missed part of the film (so-called cone cut).
10. Which of the following is the most infectious bloodborne pathogen likely to be encountered in the dental workplace?
  1. Hepatitis B 
  2. HIV 
  3. Tuberculosis 
  4. Prion disease


Answer Key 

1. A 
2. B 
3. B 
4. B 
5. C 
6. D 
7. C 
8. D 
9. B 
10. A