Free EMT-B Practice Test Questions

1. Which of the following describes a person using words that have no known meaning?

A. Neologisms
B. Neolithic
C. Verbalism
D. Delusional blocking

2. Which of the following is the second stage of heat exposure?

A. Heat cramps
B. Lower extremity pain
C. Heat exhaustion
D. Increased body temperature

3. Which of the following pulmonary term correlates with the definition: noted obstruction of the trachea or larynx?

A. Rhonchi
B. Stridor
C. Wheezes
D. Vesicular

4. The innermost layer of a blood vessel is lined with _______ ______ cells

A. Simple squamous
B. Stratified squamous
C. Simple cuboidal epithelium
D. Stratified cuboidal epithelium

5. A drug ending in the suffix (tidine) is considered a ______.

A. Antidepressant
B. Protease inhibitor
C. Beta antagonist
D. H2 antagonist

6. Which of the following is not a sign of poisoning?

A. Defecation
B. Emesis
C. Lacrimation
D. Dry mouth

7. Which of the following matches the definition: covering up a weakness by stressing a desirable or stronger trait?

A. Compensation
B. Projection
C. Rationalization
D. Dysphoria

8. Which of the following is considered a minimum standard for heart rate for newborns?

A. 65
B. 70
C. 80
D. 100

9. Which of the following matches the definition: The loss of circulatory fluids into interstitial spaces?

A. Hypovolemia
B. Necrosis
C. Eschar
D. Maceration

10. Which of the following is not an indicator of diabetic ketoacidosis?

A. Hyperthermia
B. Nausea/Vomiting
C. Slow and shallow breathing
D. Psychosis leading to dementia

Answer Key
1. A
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. D
6. D
7. A
8. D
9. A
10. C

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