Phlebotomy Practice Questions

1. If you are trying to stop the bleeding from a needle stick, which of the following is the best technique?

A. Indirect pressure
B. Direct pressure
C. Tourniquet
D. Longitudinal pressure

2. Which of the following is a test used to monitor heparin levels?

D. H&H

3. Which of the following is the deepest layer of the epidermis?

A. Stratum spinosum
B. Stratum corneum
C. Stratum granulosum
D. Stratum basale

4. The area of a blood smear that is tested is called the _____.

A. Analyte
B. Whorls
C. Feather
D. Agate

5. Which of the following matches the definition: excessive RBC production?

A. Polycythemia
B. Dehiscence
C. Transection
D. Escharotic's condition

6. Which of the following is the maximum recommended depth of a heel puncture according to the NCCLS?

A. 1.0 mm
B. 1.7 mm
C. 2.0 mm
D. 2.6 mm

7. PKU Tests are most commonly performed with ___.

A. Skin puncture blood
B. Arterial blood
C. Bilirubin specimens
D. BUN analysis

8. Which of the following terms matches the definition: winged infusion set?

A. hematoma
B. hub
C. sharps
D. butterfly needle

9. Which of the following is identified by the acronym (CPD)?

A. Cervical Positioning Device
B. Citrate Phosphate Dextrose
C. Citrate Potassium Dextrose
D. Citrate Potassium Disinfectant

10. According to the Zone of Comfort, if you are standing 3 feet from a person you are within ____.

A. Public Distance
B. Social Distance
C. Personal Distance
D. Intimate Distance

Answer Key
1. B
2. B
3. D
4. C
5. A
6. C
7. A
8. D
9. B
10. C

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