Pronoun Practice Quiz

Select the answer choice that identifies the pronoun in the sentence.

1. The sudden light dazzled Mary and me.
  1. Light 
  2. Dazzled 
  3. Mary 
  4. Me
2. Mack and I went to the airport last night.
  1. Mack 
  2. Airport 
  3. Night
3. A sad-eyed spaniel followed my sister and me home.
  1. Sad-eyed 
  2. Spaniel 
  3. Sister 
  4. Me
4. Mother bought a portable DVD for Jim and me.
  1. Mother 
  2. Bought 
  3. Jim 
  4. Me
5. Mittens yawned and blinked at Greg and them.
  1. Them 
  2. Yawned 
  3. Blinked 
  4. Greg
6. The boy on the pier looked familiar to Sue and her.
  1. Looked 
  2. Her 
  3. Familiar 
  4. Boy
7. Have you written to Roy and them yet?
  1. Roy 
  2. Written 
  3. Them 
  4. Yet
8. My brother always beats Lisa and me at checkers.
  1. Brother 
  2. Lisa 
  3. Beats 
  4. Me
9. Mr. Scott took us boys on a bike hike.
  1. Us 
  2. Hike 
  3. Boys 
  4. Took
10. My sister thinks that she would like to be a nurse.
  1. Sister 
  2. Nurse 
  3. She 
  4. Would


Answers and Explanations

1. D: “Me” is the first-person personal pronoun, objective case (subjective case is I). Light (A) is a noun. Dazzled (B) is a verb. Mary (C) is a proper noun (i.e. a name).

2. B: “I” is the subjective-case, first-person, personal pronoun. The name Mack (A) is a proper noun. Airport (C) and night (D) are nouns.

3. D: “Me” is the objective-case, first-person, personal pronoun. Sad-eyed (A) is an adjective modifying the noun spaniel (B). Sister (C) is a noun.

4. D: “Me” is the objective-case, first-person, personal pronoun. Mother (A) is used as a name here, i.e. a proper noun. Bought (B) is a verb. The name Jim (C) is a proper noun.

5. A: “Them” is the objective-case, third-person plural, personal pronoun. Yawned (B) and blinked (C) are verbs. The name Greg (D) is a proper noun.

6. B: “Her” is the objective-case, third-person feminine, singular personal pronoun. Looked (A) is a verb. Familiar (C) is often an adjective modifying a noun, but functions here as an adverb modifying the verb looked. Boy (D) is a noun.

7. C: “Them” is the objective-case, third-person plural, personal pronoun. The name Roy (A) is a proper noun. Written (B) is a verb. Yet (D) is an adverb modifying written.

8. D: “Me” is the objective-case, first-person singular, personal pronoun. Brother (A) is a noun. The name Lisa (B) is a proper noun. Beats (C) is a verb.

9. A: “Us” is the objective-case, first-person plural, personal pronoun. Hike (B) is a noun here. Boys (C) is a plural noun. Took (D) is a verb.

10. C: “She” is the third-person feminine, singular personal pronoun. Sister (A) and nurse (B) are nouns. Would (D) is the auxiliary verb for the subjunctive mood of the verb like.

by Mometrix Test Preparation | Last Updated: November 30, 2018