Free School Bus Endorsement Practice Test

1. Can your performance be affected the day after you have been drinking?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Only if you drank a large amount
2. Should you cross over to the far-left lane as soon as you enter a freeway?
  1. Yes, as long as you are careful.
  2. No, work over to the left lane when it is safe to do so.
  3. Yes, but if you have an incident, it is your fault.
3. Charter bus drivers should only allow passengers on the bus:
  1. If there is a full tank of fuel
  2. At departure time
  3. If they have a valid ID
4. Which of the following is NOT safe or advisable when traveling over a drawbridge?
  1. Ensure the draw is fully closed before trying to cross.
  2. Stop at all drawbridges that do not have a traffic light or attendant.
  3. If stopping, stop at least 20 feet before where the bridge begins to draw.
5. Which of the following should you absolutely never do?
  1. Ensure the function of brake-door interlocks.
  2. Push or tow a disabled bus with passengers onboard.
  3. Refuel the bus inside a closed area with passengers aboard.
6. One rule says that you should have how much following distance?
  1. At least three seconds
  2. At least four seconds
  3. At least five seconds
7. Which can cause the most dangerous driving condition in poor weather?
  1. Rain.
  2. Ice.
  3. Snow.
8. What should you do if you miss your freeway off ramp?
  1. Put the vehicle in reverse and go back to the off ramp.
  2. Cross over the median and make a U-turn.
  3. Take the next off ramp.
9. When can you park on the freeway?
  1. When you need to stop to look at a map.
  2. When you need to get out and stretch your legs.
  3. Only in emergencies.
10. How many feet away must you stop your bus for railroad tracks?
  1. At least 10 feet but not more than 50 feet from the crossing.
  2. At least 15 feet from the crossing.
  3. At least 15 feet but no more than 50 feet from the crossing.
11. If a posted speed is 45 MPH what is a safe speed for your bus?
  1. It may be 45 miles per hour or it could be more.
  2. It will be exactly 45 miles per hour
  3. It may be 45 miles per hour or it could be less.
12. What kind of report must you complete at the end of your shift?
  1. You must complete a logbook page for each bus driven.
  2. You must make a list of the names of all passengers transported.
  3. You must complete a written inspection report for each bus driven.
13. You should never bring your bus into the stop to pick up students until?
  1. There is no traffic in the area.
  2. A parent is present.
  3. The students have lined up properly.
14. What should you do before the students are allowed to start toward the bus?
  1. The bus should be stopped and the door should be opened.
  2. The students should have seen your bus and are aware that it is approaching.
  3. You should be slowing down approaching the bus stop.
15. Name a situation where you must not allow your bus to be fueled.
  1. When the air temperature is below freezing.
  2. When the engine is turned off and the driver is absent.
  3. When in a closed building with riders on board.


Answer Key

1. A 
2. B 
3. B 
4. C 
5. C
6. B
7. B
8. C
9. C
10. C 
11. C
12. C 
13. C
14. A 
15. C