Free Tank Vehicles Practice Test Questions

1. What is a tank vehicle?
  1. A vehicle used by the army to fight wars.
  2. A vehicle used to carry any liquid or liquid gas in a tank of 1000 gallons or more.
  3. A vehicle used to carry any liquid or liquid gas in a rank of less than 1000 gallons.
2. You should inspect a tanker before loading, unloading or driving it to make sure the vehicle is safe to carry the liquid or gas and is safe to drive.
  1. True 
  2. False
3. Tank vehicles have special time that need to be checked and come in many types and sizes, to make sure you know how to check your tank vehicle you should:
  1. Check with the last person that drove the vehicle. 
  2. Check with the owner of the vehicle. 
  3. Check the vehicles operator’s manual.
4. On all tank vehicles the most important item to check is for:
  1. Overflow 
  2. Leaks 
  3. Spills
5. You should check the tank’s body or shell for:
  1. Dents and spills 
  2. Spills and overflow 
  3. Dents and leaks
6. Make sure the following valves are in the correct position before loading, unloading or moving the vehicle:
  1. Intake valve 
  2. Discharge valve 
  3. Cut-off valve 
  4. All of the above
7. It is not necessary to check pipe connections and hoses for leaks.
  1. True 
  2. False
8. Tankers have manhole covers and vent covers. They should be in what position when loading?
  1. Open correctly. 
  2. Closed correctly. 
  3. Partially closed.
9. k special purpose equipment if your vehicle has any to make sure it:
  1. is in place. 
  2. didn’t get stolen. 
  3. works.
10. If your tank vehicle has special equipment you must know:
  1. who made it. 
  2. how to operate it. 
  3. what the model number is.
11. Hauling liquids in tank vehicles requires special skills because:
  1. of the high center of gravity and liquid movement. 
  2. of the low center of gravity and gas. 
  3. of the way rank vehicles are built.
12. High center of gravity means that much of the loads weight is carried high up off the road. This makes the vehicle:
  1. Top heavy and easy to roll over. 
  2. Top heavy and easy to drive. 
  3. Top heavy and bottom heavy.
13. Liquid surge results from movement of the liquid in partially filled tanks. This movement can have what kind of effect on handling?
  1. good effect 
  2. no effect 
  3. bad effect
14. Some liquid tanks are divided into several smaller tanks by dividers called:
  1. Baffles 
  2. Bulkheads 
  3. Dividers
15. When loading and unloading tanks with bulkheads the driver must pay attention to weight distribution.
  1. True 
  2. False


Answer Key

1. B 
2. A 
3. C 
4. B 
5. C 
6. D 
7. B 
8. B 
9. C 
10. B 
11. A 
12. A 
13. C 
14. B 
15. A