Vocabulary Practice Test Questions

1. The prince abdicated the crown and returned to his castle. Abdicated means…
  1. Gave up. 
  2. Sold. 
  3. Reinvested into. 
  4. Auctioned.
2. The convicted criminal absconded prior to the sentencing phase of the trial. Absconded means…
  1. Touched the jury. 
  2. Reported immediately. 
  3. Left after discussion. 
  4. Departed secretly.
3. The aural component of balance is critical for postural control during ambulation. Aural means related to the…
  1. Eye. 
  2. Ear. 
  3. Nose. 
  4. Mouth.
4. The old man was benevolent with his fortune. Benevolent means…
  1. Secretive. 
  2. Stingy. 
  3. Kind. 
  4. Careful.
5. The extra dirt was a key buttress to the foundation. Buttress means…
  1. Limiting factor. 
  2. Support. 
  3. Overwhelming condition. 
  4. Obstacle.
6. The cathode of a battery was removed. Cathode means…
  1. Positive pole. 
  2. Negative pole. 
  3. Neutral pole. 
  4. Opposite pole.
7. The doctor was known as a charlatan over the years of his practice. Charlatan means…
  1. Quack. 
  2. Knowledgeable physician. 
  3. Procedural physician. 
  4. Medical examiner.
8. The wound exhibited signs of copious drainage requiring medical intervention. Copious means…
  1. Minimal. 
  2. Clear. 
  3. Maximal. 
  4. Foul.
9. The attorney accused the witness of defaming the defendant. Defaming means…
  1. Killing. 
  2. Badgering. 
  3. Suffocating. 
  4. Slandering.
10. The detective was able to derive the facts of the case. Derive means…
  1. Desist. 
  2. Deter. 
  3. Devise. 
  4. Deduce.
11. The scientist was able to evoke powerful emotions from her audience. Evoke means…
  1. Sell. 
  2. Calm. 
  3. Call forth. 
  4. Exaggerate.
12. The judge was fallible during deliberation. Fallible means…
  1. Careful not to err. 
  2. Falsely accused. 
  3. Loyal to his supporters. 
  4. Capable of mistakes.
13. The chemist collected the germane data during the experiment. Germane means…
  1. Relevant. 
  2. Obscure. 
  3. Limited. 
  4. Usual.
14. The desperados held up in a grotto in New Mexico during the escape. Grotto means…
  1. Large cave. 
  2. Small cavern. 
  3. Hotel. 
  4. Motel.
15. The official exhibited a heedless attitude when dealing with the dignitaries. Heedless means…
  1. Thoughtless. 
  2. Pleasant. 
  3. Friendly. 
  4. Bitter.
16. The Sherman tank commander noted innumerable troops moving forward against his position. Innumerable means…
  1. Limited. 
  2. Weary. 
  3. Countless. 
  4. Harmless.
17. The general tried to instill in his troops the hope of victory. Instill means…
  1. Infuse. 
  2. Delay. 
  3. Inscribe. 
  4. Indict.
18. The winning team of the World Series often has a jovial attitude. Jovial means…
  1. Merry. 
  2. Sad. 
  3. Somber. 
  4. Laborious.
19. The plant entered the latent phase of development in the fall. Latent means…
  1. First. 
  2. Growth. 
  3. Last. 
  4. Dormant.
20. The yacht club members were excited about conditions on the loch. Loch means…
  1. Water. 
  2. Lake. 
  3. Gulf. 
  4. Ocean.
Answers and Explanations

1. A

To abdicate means to relinquish or give up a throne, power, right, or responsibility. It does not mean to sell (B), reinvest in (C), or auction (D).

2. D

To abscond means to flee or escape secretly and hide. It can also connote making off with something (e.g. “He absconded with the treasure.”) It does not mean to touch anyone (A), to report immediately (B)-an opposite-or to leave after some discussion (C), but to break out/take off quickly.

3. B

Aural refers to the ears or hearing. A corresponding adjective referring to the eyes (A) is visual; to the nose (C) is nasal; and to the mouth (D) is oral.

4. C

Benevolent means kind or good. It does not mean secretive (A), i.e. keeping secret. In this sentence, stingy (B) is an antonym for “benevolent with his fortune.” Benevolent does not mean careful (D) or cautious.

5. B

A buttress (noun) and to buttress (verb) mean support. Buttress is not a limiting factor (A), an overwhelming condition (C), or an obstacle (D) or barrier.

6. B

In electrolysis and electrophoresis, for example, electrons (negatively charged particles) come from a power supply along a negatively charged electrode, the cathode. Electrons return to the power supply via a positively charged electrode, the anode. Therefore, the cathode is not the positive (A), neutral (C), or opposite (D) electrode, or pole.

7. A

Quack and charlatan are synonyms meaning phony, fraud, or faker. A doctor known as a charlatan or quack is not a knowledgeable physician (B) or a procedural physician (C). A medical examiner (D) is a specific job title for a licensed physician who is also a government-appointed officer conducting autopsies to investigate and determine cause of death, not a synonym for a fake.

8. C

Copious means profuse or abundant, i.e. maximal, not minimal (A), an antonym. This meaning is not related to, and does not mean, clear (B) or foul (D).

9. D

To defame means to slander, libel, or otherwise disparage the reputation or actions of another. It does not mean to kill (A), badger (B) or harass; or to suffocate (C) or smother.

10. D

To derive means to deduce; i.e. to draw from or arrive at through deduction, or to determine via reasoning. It does not mean to desist (A), i.e. cease; to deter (B), i.e. prevent or discourage; or to devise (C), i.e. design or invent.

11. C

To evoke means to call forth, elicit, or draw out, as emotions. It does not mean to sell (A), calm (B), or exaggerate (D).

12. D

Fallible means able to err. It does not mean careful not to do so (A), falsely accused (B), or loyal to one’s supporters (C).

13. A

Germane means relevant, pertinent, or applicable. It does not mean obscure (B), i.e. unclear or hidden; limited (C), or usual (D).

14. B

A grotto is a small cave, cavern, or hollow. It is not a larger cave (A), or a hotel (C) or motel (D).

15. A

Heedless means thoughtless: to heed is to pay attention to, mind, or observe something, and heedless is not paying attention/ignoring. It does not mean pleasant (B), friendly (C), or bitter (D).

16. C

Innumerable means countless, or impossible to number or count. It is an opposite of limited (A). It does not mean weary (B) or tired, or harmless (D).

17. A

Infuse is the best synonym here for instill, meaning to impart, inject, introduce or put something into someone or something. These two words do not mean to delay (B), i.e. put off or slow down; to inscribe (C), i.e. write, etch, or imprint; or to indict (D), i.e. accuse.

18. A

Jovial means happy or merry, the opposite of sad (B) and somber (C). It does not mean laborious (D), i.e. effortful, difficult, or painstaking.

19. D

Latent means dormant, sleeping, or inactive; unrealized, or covert or hidden. It does not mean first (A), growth (B), or last (C).

20. B

Loch is the Scottish word equivalent to the English word lake. Hence lake is a closer synonym than water (A), which has many forms; or gulf (C) or ocean (D), both bodies of water different from a lake.