Morehead Scholarships

Morehead Scholarships are awarded to successful high school students from specific schools in 39 states and the District of Columbia. The John Motley Morehead Foundation gives full support for four years of study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Full support means that, in addition to tuition, the scholarship includes fees, room and board, a laptop, all class books and other required materials, travel expenses, laundry, and a stipend for personal items.

The Summer Enrichment Program, which is part of a Morehead Scholarship, offers recipients the chance to delve into career options, leadership training and physical fitness with personal experiences. Recipients’ initial Enrichment Program experience takes place the summer before college begins. Activities are designed to develop self-confidence, teamwork, and give students the necessary skills to succeed in college. The freshmen Summer Enrichment Programs occur at more than fifty locations throughout the United States. Students can choose from hiking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing, and more.

Sophomore Morehouse Scholarship winners spend their Summer Enrichment Program in up to ten weeks of community volunteer work. Projects can take place locally or anywhere in the world.

By their junior year, students are ready to create a project that spans the summer months and joins personal interests with academic efforts. These fully-funded student projects take place around the globe as students learn about other cultures.

In their fourth year, Morehead Scholarship recipients take on internships at top companies or nonprofits. As part of their Summer Enrichment Program, seniors receive personal mentoring by top executives.

These extraordinary scholarships do more than simply pay for every aspect of a student’s college career and send them on fascinating trips around the world. These scholarships are truly life-changing, and create graduates who have not only seen the world, but are truly ready to contribute to it. Because Morehead Scholarships are merit-based and funds are limited, they are highly competitive. It’s important to treat your application with respect, giving it ample time and considerable thought.