MTEL Early Childhood Practice Test Questions

The early childhood years are so important because it’s a crucial developmental phase. How will children acquire knowledge? How will they learn writing, math, and science? It takes dedicated educators to teach these young minds. In Massachusetts, teachers take the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL) Early Childhood (02) Exam. Those who pass show they have the skills to teach these subjects to young children. The exam covers several topics, and this guide provides an overview of what to expect. It also provides very valuable information on where you can get the best study materials to help you prepare for this exam.


How much is the fee to take this exam?

Candidates pay a $139 test fee

How many questions are on the MTEL Early Childhood (02) exam?

The test contains two open-response assignments and 100 multiple-choice questions. Candidates take the exam on a computer.

How long will I be at the test center?

Plan on at least 4 hours and 15 minutes. That includes 15 minutes to pre-test preparation, like a tutorial, and a four-hour test time.

What’s the exam’s minimum passing score?

Candidates must score at least 240 to pass the test.

What types of topics can I expect on the MTEL Early Childhood (02) exam?

There are four total subareas on the exam. Three of them contain multiple-choice questions, and the fourth area contains the open-response item.

  1. Knowledge of Child Development. This section encompasses the prenatal and early childhood years and address topics that include: theories by Piaget, Erikson, Vygotsky and others on child development and learning; development issues, including language, social, and emotional, during those early years; how individual development varies in several areas, including the cognitive, language, and physical context; developmental issues; and the relationship between play, understanding, and knowledge acquisition.
  2. Knowledge of Children’s Literature and the Writing Process. Topics include literary theme; literature evaluation; style, theme, and point of view analysis; strategies for re-writing and drafting; idea development; text revision for coherence and organization; letter, poem, and other writing genres; and how vocabulary and other techniques convey meaning.
  3. Core Knowledge in Content Areas. Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of math, history, social science, science, and technology. Topics include basic math skills such as cardinal and ordinal numbers, basic geometry, and units of measure; western civilization development; the Massachusetts region; democratic principles; science, technology, and the relationship between the two; Cells, the human body, and other life science basic principles; matter, energy, and other physical and earth science principles; and ecological issues and how science and technology can address them.

When can I sign up to take the test?

Candidates can sign-up online. Massachusetts has a liberal testing availability, and the candidates can take the exam most days of the years. You can see the available days online.

Great. What about test locations? Where are those?

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education uses a private test company to deliver the test to candidates. The company has offices across the country, including Massachusetts. You can do an online search to see the locations closest to you.

So, I should arrive at the test center early?

Yes. Remember, you’ll need to arrive early to complete check-in and your tutorial. You should arrive at the test center at least 15 minutes before test time.

What about identification? What will I need to show at the test center?

You’ll need to show your driver’s license or another piece of identification that has your photo and signature. Remember, it must be a piece of government-issued identification.

Are there any items I’m not allowed to bring into the test room when taking the MTEL Early Childhood (02) exam?

Yes. Candidates are not allowed to bring any personal items into the test room. That include cell phones, electronic watches, recording devices, and even some clothing items. Candidates must store those at the test center. The test rules have a complete list of prohibited items.

When will I be able to see my test scores?

Candidates can see their scores about a month after they take the tests.

You mentioned study materials. Where can I get them?

You can get the best study materials on the market from Mometrix. Our study guide contains MTEL test questions, will help you sharpen your study skills, and will show you how to combat test anxiety, a big problem for people who take this exam.  Our flashcards show you how to study using small bits of information that are easier to retain. If you’re taking the MTEL Early Childhood (02) Exam, you’ll want these materials.