NCCT – Certified Phlebotomy Technician Practice Test

As the demand for health care grows, so does the need for certified phlebotomists. Hospitals, blood donor clinics, and medical research laboratories prefer certified technicians who have the knowledge and skills to follow strict health and safety standards while drawing blood from a diverse patient population.

The National Center for Competency Testing administers the National Certified Phlebotomy Technician (NCPT) exam for phlebotomists who seek expanded career opportunities and higher pay. Candidates for certification must have completed a high school diploma or a GED and a medical laboratory training program.  Applicants may register for the Certified Phlebotomist Exam on the NCCT website.

What is the cost to register for the NCPT exam?

The fee for taking the NCPT is $90 for recent graduates, students enrolled in a medical laboratory technician program, and for military service members.  The fee is $135 for working phlebotomists who graduated from their program more than six months prior to testing.

Where and when is the NCPT offered?

NCCT makes the NCPT exam available at more than 700 tests sites in the USA. Test takers must bring a government issued, photo ID; the name and address must match the candidate’s registration information. 

No food or beverages are permitted in the testing area. Electronic devices cannot be used during the testing period.

Are accommodations available for test takers with disabilities?

Yes, if arrangements are made at least four weeks in advance of the scheduled test date.  The NCCT Candidate Handbook explains how to submit a written request with supporting documentation for specific accommodations. 

How long is the NCPT exam?

The NCPT exam is a 3-hour hour test with 125 scored questions, available in both computerized and paper versions.

What does the Phlebotomy technician exam cover?

The NCPT is organized into six content areas with varied numbers of scored questions:

  • Quality and Professional Issues – 26
  • Infection Control and Safety – 30
  • Terms and Anatomy – 19
  • Orders and Equipment Selection – 26
  • Patient ID and Site Preparation – 15
  • Collection, Problems, and Corrections – 29

Testable topics range from aldosterone levels, blood smears, and cytomegalovirus, to patient rights, the radioallergosorbent test, tunica media, and valves.  The questions follow a multiple-choice format.  

What is a passing score on the NCPT?

NCPT scores are computed for the correct answers given.  There is no single passing score.  Instead, question values are weighted according to how essential the relevant knowledge of a question is to the candidate’s performance as a certified phlebologist. 

What happens if I fail the NCPT test?

Candidates who fail the NCPT receive a score report highlighting content areas they need to review.  A 30-day waiting period is required before a candidate for certification may retake a failed examination.  Only three attempts are permitted.  Candidates must reapply and pay the fee for each retest.     

How should I study for the NCPT exam?

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