NES Art Practice Test (503)

The National Evaluation Series tests, or NES tests, are a battery of tests designed to ensure that prospective teachers are knowledgeable, and adequately prepared to teach in their preferred fields. The NES Art practice test will assist you in passing the NES Art test.

The NES Art test will be a 150 multiple-choice question test that will cover five topics. These topics are as follows: Foundations of Art: Elements and Principles; Art Media, Tools, Technologies, Techniques, and Processes; Visual Arts in Historical and Cultural Contexts; Aesthetics and Art Criticism; as well as Connecting the Visual Arts to Other Disciplines.

There will be a three hour time limit for this subtest. Here at Mometrix, we have dedicated our time and efforts into making sure that our NES Art practice test will cover the test topics thoroughly, and prepare you for your test day.