NES Mathematics Practice Test (304)

The National Evaluation Series exams are used across the country as part of the certification process to become an educator. The NES Mathematics exam is based on national academic standards, and the scores are accepted in multiple states so even if you move, you’ll be able to use those same test scores to apply for certification in your new state.

How Much Does the NES Mathematics Exam Cost?

When you register, you’ll have to pay an exam fee of $95. Once you’ve paid that fee, you can schedule your appointment for any date within 12 months of the date of payment. If for any reason you don’t think you’ll be taking the test within that time, submit a withdrawal request as soon as possible in order to get a refund. If you’ve already scheduled an appointment, you will only be able to get a refund if you cancel the appointment and submit the withdrawal request at least 24 hours before the date of the appointment. The refund will be processed within about four weeks.

How Long Is the Exam?

There will be about 150 multiple choice questions on the exam. The exact number of questions you see may differ slightly depending on how many unscored questions they include. Although some of the questions are unscored, they aren’t identified in any way so you should still treat all questions on the exam as if they count toward your final score.

You will have up to five hours to complete the exam which works out to about two minutes per question. While that might seem like a lot, time management is still important. Some of the more difficult questions might require you to spend more than two minutes solving it so try to work through the easier questions at a faster pace so that you can take the time you need on the more challenging questions. With that said, don’t rush through any of the questions. Before moving on to the next question, make sure that you feel completely confident that you’ve answered the current one to the best of your ability.

Which Subjects Are Covered on the Test?

The questions on the NES Mathematics exam will cover the five core mathematical subjects that teachers need to know. Here’s a quick overview of those subjects along with what proportion of the exam will focus on them:

  • Mathematical Processes and Number Sense — 19% of the questions
    • Mathematical Problem Solving
    • Mathematical Communication, Connections, and Reasoning
    • Number Theory
  • Patterns, Algebra, and Functions — 24% of the questions
    • Relations and Functions
    • Linear, Quadratic, and Higher Order Polynomial Functions
    • Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
    • Rational, Radical, Absolute Value, and Piecewise Defined Functions
  • Measurement and Geometry — 19% of the questions
    • Measurement Principles and Procedures
    • Euclidean Geometry in Two and Three Dimensions
  • Coordinate and Transformational Geometry
  • Trigonometry and Calculus — 19% of the questions
    • Trigonometric Functions
    • Differential Calculus
    • Integral Calculus
  • Statistics, Probability and Discrete Mathematics — 19% of the questions
    • Principles and Techniques of Statistics
    • Principles and Techniques of Probability
    • Principles of Discrete Mathematics

How Is the NES Mathematics Exam Scored?

You’ll be given a scaled score ranging from 100 to 300. While the nationwide benchmark is 220 and most states accept this benchmark, you should still check with the certification agency in the state where you plan to teach to find out what their minimum scoring requirements are.

Immediately after finishing the test, you’ll be able to see your unofficial results. However, the official score report that you’ll use to apply for certification isn’t sent out until about two weeks after the date of your appointment. If you didn’t meet the benchmark or the minimum standard set by the state where you want to teach, you can schedule a new appointment while you’re still at the testing center. However, the next appointment must be at least 30 days after your first attempt.

How Much Should I Study?

Even if you’re a math whizz, you will definitely want to spend at least 3-4 weeks preparing for this test. Math is a skill that requires regular practice to keep your mind sharp. And, even more importantly, you need to hone those skills to fit this specific test. You might be an expert at geometry, but can you work through the problems fast enough to stay within the time limits of the test without sacrificing accuracy?

To strengthen your skills and prepare yourself for the specific requirements of the NES Mathematics exam, use the Mometrix Study Guide and Mometrix Flashcards. These tools were developed by a team of experts according to the exact specifications of this exam. You’ll be able to review all of the principles, theories, and techniques that you’ll find on the test and work through hundreds of practice problems that help you apply your knowledge.

NES Mathematics Study Guide and Flashcards

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