NYSTCE Biology Practice Test (160)

Biology is one of the most commonly taught high school subjects around the country. Because of its prevalence, it’s important that every high school has teachers who are competent in the subject and able to communicate its material to students properly and accurately. The state of New York requires all of its incoming teachers to earn a passing score on the NYSTCE (or New York State Teacher Certification Examinations) before they can launch their official teaching careers. For biology teachers, this means scoring well on the NYSTCE Biology exam.

The NYSTCE Biology exam spans about four hours in all, and features 91 questions. One of these questions is “constructed-response,” or short answer.

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In turn, it features only one knowledge category: “Foundations of Scientific Inquiry: Constructed-Response Assignment.”

The remainder of the exam is multiple choice, or “selected-response.” These questions divide into six distinct categories, which include:

  • Ecology
  • Foundations of Scientific Inquiry
  • Human Biology
  • Cell Biology and Biochemistry
  • Biological Unity and Diversity and Life Processes
  • Genetics and Evolution

It’s worth noting you will not be able to use a calculator on any part of this exam. Rather, you will have to answer all questions based on your own knowledge and the information provided to you within the test book.

On this page, you will find the official Mometrix Test Preparation NYSTCE Biology (006) practice test, and companion study guide. These study tools are tailored toward your success, and designed to help you become more familiar with the test content.

We encourage you to use our NYSTCE Biology practice test to hash out which areas of the test present the most difficulty for you, so you can target these areas as you study further.

Each of our NYSTCE Biology practice questions matches closely with what you’ll find on the real exam. We hope this accurate tool will become an effective part of your study plan. Good luck, and happy studying!