NYSTCE Earth Science Practice Test (162)

As a former middle and high school student, you likely took an Earth Science course at some point during your academic career. It’s a well known fact this particular subject is complex, encompassing a wide range of scientific disciplines. As an aspiring teacher of Earth Science, it will be your job to be well-versed in all of these disciplines so you’re able to fully immerse your students in the subject and guide them toward understanding its principles.

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No educator in the United States can teach without first proving their competency in their specific field. In the state of New York, this means earning a passing score on the NYSTCE, or New York State Teacher Certification Examinations. On this page you’ll find information regarding the NYSTCE Earth Sciences exam.

The NYSTCE Earth Sciences exam is timed at four hours and contains a total of 91 questions.

The majority of the test will be multiple choice (or “selected-response.”) One of the exam questions, however, will require an essay answer (also known as “constructed-response.”) It is worth noting that while you may have to rely on your mathematical knowledge to approach several of the exam’s questions, you will not have access to a calculator at any point during the exam.

Questions on the exam will fall under such subjects as:

  • Water Systems
  • Foundations of Scientific Inquiry
  • Geological Systems
  • Atmospheric Systems
  • Space Systems

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